The Framlingham Connection

Connections between the towns Framingham, Massachusetts, (USA) and Framlingham, Suffolk County, England (UK) span the course of centuries.

The first, and most obvious connection is the similarly spelled names of the two towns. The land which is now known as Framingham, MA (USA) was once known as Danforth's Farm -- originally a 250 acre parcel of land given as payment for services in 1660 to Thomas Danforth, an Official of Massachusetts Bay Colony and Harvard College.

Danforth, a native of Framlingham England eventually accquired some 15,000 surrounding acres and named the land "Framingham" after his place of birth. The reason for dropping the "L" from the town's name is unknown to this day.

Thanks to the internet, you are just a mouse-click away from visiting Thomas Danforth's home-town, much of which looks as it did during Danforth's life. Below are some links to interesting sites in Framlingham, Suffolk County, UK (England).

Visit Framlingham Castle (virtually...)
FRAMLINGHAM CASTLE - Castle Street, Framlingham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 9BP, UK, Tel: 01728 724189

Since 1101 a castle has stood on the spot known as Framlingham Castle. Originally a wooden castle was constructed in 1101, then destroyed in 1177, then replaced by a [much larger] stone castle comprised of a massive curtain wall, towers, and unique carved stonework. The castle is now a tourist attraction and houses the Lanman Museum, an Education Center, Gift Shop, restrooms, and other amenities within the curtain wall, and a 2 mile walking trail around the castle grounds.

Suffolk County, England - The American Connection

Suffolk County, 70 miles northeast of London has lasting ties to Suffolk in America. People from this area were prominent early settlers of America. The first three New England counties were named Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex.

In 1602 Bartholomew Gosnold of Suffolk landed with his crew in what is now known as Cape Cod, explored the area, and named the island of Martha's Vineyard, either after his wife's mother or in memory of his daughter (Martha) who had recently died. Read more about America and England's Suffolk connection at:

Framlingham Links

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  • Suffolk County Council - government and tourism information for Framlingham and all of Suffolk County UK.

  • Framlingham Castle - historical and contemporary information and images. The best site we've seen about the castle yet!

  • - a community information website about Framlingham, Suffolk, UK as it is today.