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Framingham Acronyms, Abbreviations (and Dictionary of Local Terminology)

We've prepared this list of terms used in Framingham government documents, at public meeting, in news reports and by locals when speaking to other locals. We've also included common slang terms and their definitions. We hope it will help you understand local lingo in the 'ham!

...think of this as your own personal Framingham Secret Decoder Ring!


AAC - Agricultural Advisory Commission, Town of Framingham

ADA - American with Disabilities Act


BOH - Board Of Health, Town of Framingham

BOS - Board Of Selectmen, Town of Framingham

BPW - Board Of Public Works, Town of Framingham, (now defunct)

DPW - Department of Public Works, Town of Framingham


CAC - Cable Advisory Committee, Town of Framingham

CAC - Citizen's Advisory Committee, Town of Framingham (defunct)

Callahan - The Raymond J. Callahan Senior Center

Callahan - MA State Park located off Millwood Street in northwest Framingham with over 800 acres of trails, woods and open fields. Great spot for mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and dog walking. Open for daytime use only. For more info visit: MA Dept of Conservation & Recreation or call (508) 653-9641.

CBC - Capital Budget Committee, Town of Framingham

CC - Cultural Council‎, Town of Framingham

CDBG - Community Development Block Grant

Centre, The - the historic "center", (or "centre" as you will), of the Town comprising a village green and surrounding historic buildings located just north of the Rt. 9 / Edgell Rd. intersection and used as open common property by the Town.

CFO - Chief Financial Officer, Office of the (Town of Framingham)

COA - Council on Aging‎, Town of Framingham

ConComm - Conservation Commission, Town of Framingham

Co-Op, The - Shopping center located at the intersection of Franklin St and Mt. Wayte Ave

CFO - Chief Financial Officer, Town of Framingham


Danforth, The - The Danforth Museum of Art

Dennison - factory complex which formerly housed the Dennison Manufacturing Company, property occupied the block bounded by Howard St., Bishop St., Clinton St. and Grant St.

Dennison Crossing - intersection of roadway where it passes over railroad tracks at intersection of Rt. 135 / Waverly St. Bishop St. and Beaver St.


E&CD (sometimes written ECD, CED) - Economic & Community Development department of the Town of Framingham.

EDIC - Economic Development and Industrial Corporation

ESL - English (as a) Second Language


F-SEPAC - Framingham Special Education Parent Advisory Council

FBPAC - Framingham Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Town of Framingham

FCRTC - Framingham Cochituate Rail Trail Committee, Town of Framingham

FCT - Framingham Community Theater

FDR - Framingham Downtown Renaissance

FHS - Framingham High School

FHSF - Framingham High School Foundation

FHSDC - Framingham High School Drama Company

FINCOM - Finance Committee, Town of Framingham

FLBL - Framingham Little Big League

FLSA - Fair Labor Standard Act, (re: FPD lawsuit against Town of Framingham)

FNHS - Framingham North High School, (obsolete, now merged with FSHS to form FHS)

FPAC - Framingham Public Access Corporation, (a.k.a. FPAC-TV)

FPOU - Framingham Police Officers Union

FRAMBORS - "Framingham Neighbors" subscription based email list run by late Framingham resident, computer expert and outspoken town political figure Steve Orr, (at the internet address: https://frambors.syslang.net which is no longer online).

FSC - Framingham State College, (now known as FSU)

FSHS - Framingham South High School, (obsolete, now merged with FNHS to form FHS)

FSU - Framingham State University, (formerly FSC)

FUSC - Framingham United Soccer Club

FYDC - Framingham Youth Development Collaborative

FYFC - Framingham Youth Football and Cheerleading

FYL - Framingham Youth Lacrosse


GFCC - Greater Framingham Community Church

GIS - Geographic Information System, (Technology Services Dept., Town of Framingham)

Golden Mile - dense retail area on Rt. 9 from Rt. 126 to Speen St. in Natick

Golden Triangle - dense retail area bounded by Rt. 9, Rt. 30 and Speen St.

GSC - Government Study Committee, Town of Framingham


ham, (the) - local slang term for "Framingham"

hamster - local slang term for a resident of "the ham"

HR - Human Resources Department, Town of Framingham

HRC - Human Relations Commission, Town of Framingham


incinerator - building on Mt. Wayte Ave. formerly used to burn, ("incinerate"), Framingham's trash. Now used as a drop-off recycle center.


JLMC - Joint Labor and Management Committee, Town of Framingham

Junction, The - triangular area within and around the intersections of Rt 9, Rt. 30 and Rt. 126.


K12 (or K-12) - kindergarten through grade 12, schools


LEPC - Local Emergency Planning Committee, Town of Framingham

LPRS - License PlateRecognotion System, (used by Framingham Police)


MAPC - Metropolitan Area Planning Council

MassBay - Massachusetts Bay Community College

MGL - Massachusetts General Law

Musterfield - formerly a field where military drills were held, now a low-income housing project managed by the Framingham Housing Authority.

MWCC - MetroWest Chamber of Commerce

MWCIL - MetroWest Center for Independent Living

MWDN - MetroWest Daily News

MWMC - MetroWest Medical Center

MWRA - Metropolitan Water Resource Authority

MWRTA - MetroWest Regional Transit Authority


NEADCP - New England Association of Drug Court Professionals

NHLBI - National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, (agency which took over Framingham Heart Study Data)

Nobscot - village within Framingham located in the north-west corner of town around the intersection of Water St., Edmands Rd. and Edgell Rd.


Oaks, The - residential neighborhood in northeast Framingham bounded by Old Connecticut Path, Lake Cochituate and the MassPike (I-90).

ONA - Oaks Neighborhood Association


P&A - Petrini & Associates, P.C., law firm operates Framingham Office of the Town Counsel

PAC - Performing Arts Center (of MetroWest)

PEC - Public Employees Committee

PILOT - Payment In Lieu Of Taxes

Pinefield - development in the northeast (Saxonville) area of Framingham, where the Campanelli brothers built ranch homes after WWII. Also used as common name of shopping center in same area.

pits, the - New England Sand & Gravel Company property.

PlanB - Planning Board, Town of Framingham

PRC - Park and Recreation Commission, Town of Framingham

PUD - Planned Unit Development, (aka "cluster zoning")



RULES - Standing Committee on Rules, Town of Framingham


Sax - village of Saxonville, located in the central northern part of Framingham.

Sax Square - Saxonville Village square, located at the intersection of Elm St and Central St.

SCCS - Standing Committee on Community Services, Town of Framingham

SCoE - Stand Committee on Education, Town of Framingham

SCPS - Standing Committee on Public Safety, Town of Framingham

SCPW - Standing Committee on Public Works, Town of Framingham

SCPZ - Standing Committee on Planing & Zoning, Town of Framingham

SCWM - Standing Committee on Ways & Means, Town of Framingham

SDR (Task Force) - Structural Deficit Review Task Force, Town of Framingham, (created by 2010 TM Article 27)

SMOC - South Middlesex Opportunity Council


TAC - Technology Advisory Committee, Town of Framingham

TEC - The Education Cooperative, (regional education organization)

TIF - Tax Increment Financing, (see also UCH-TIF)

TM - Town Meeting, (used to describe the representative body of elected Town Meeting Members, or the event in which the members meet).

TMM - Town Meeting Member, (a person elected to be one of the representatives for a precinct in Framingham).

TRSC - Traffic and Roadway Safety Committee, Town of Framingham


UCH-TIF - Urban Center Housing Tax Increment Financing



weeds, the - area around the Downtown Framingham CSX railroad yard known as hangout and "camp" for homeless people, alcoholics, drug addicts and criminals.

WDJM - radio station at Framingham State University (FM 91.3)

WSCMMOTA - West Suburban Chapter Massachusetts Mothers of Twins Association

WSRO - radio station, located on Mt. Wayte Ave, (AM 650), Brazilian programming

WM - Waste Management

[X,Y, and Z]

ZBA - Zoning Board of Appeals, Town of Framingham

If you've got suggestions of terms to add to the list, please contact us.