Cushing Chapel, Framingham, MA

The Cushing Chapel is located in Tercentennial Park on Dudley Road, Framingham, Massachusetts, (on the former Cushing Hospital property).

Photo: Cushing Chapel, Framingham, MA

The Cushing Chapel was built in 1943-1944 as part of the Cushing General Hospital complex of 95 buildings to care for the wounded WWII soldiers brought from seaports of New England directly to Framingham via special hospital trains.

Following the Battle of the Bulge, over 3,200 patients were treated at Cushing. Celebrities such a Bing Crosby and Roy Rogers visited the hospital to cheer up the troops. Over 13,800 soldiers were treated in less than two years.

Following the war it became a veteran's hospital. During the Korean War, once again Cushing was tapped to care for our soldiers wounded in the conflict. General Douglas MacArthur visited them at Cushing in 1951.

The Cushing Chapel was designed with ample space in the front to accommodate wheelchairs.

Photo 2: Cushing Chapel, Framingham, MA

The Chapel is one of the few buildings that remain at the former hospital grounds. It has been lovingly restored by a coalition of veterans, historic preservationists, and town employees. Special services honoring our veterans are held at the chapel on Veteran's Day.

The Cushing Chapel Board of Trustees, (see under Misc. Appts.), now oversees the chapel which is available for private services such as weddings and funerals.

For further information about Cushing General Hospital, see Framingham: An American Town by Stephen W. Herring or visit the Framingham Historical Society & Museum.