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Framigham Mortgage Information

Buying a home is the single most expensive purchase in most people's lives. Although you may love the home, you may end up hating the mortgage. You should put as much time as you did shopping for a mortgage, and considering the various types of mortgage, lenders and financing programs available.

There are many programs for first time home buyers, veterans, military service families, retirees and others with special financing needs. Some of these programs have clauses that can affect your ability to sell the home for a profit for varying length of times, or may have other factors to consider. Watching trends in mortgage rates the entire time you're house-hunting can help you know when to lock-in the right rate. A percentage point is lot of money over the life of some loans -- and refinancing later can cost as much as the a few years savings. Adjustable rate? 30-Year Fixed? 40 Years? 15 ?

Talk to mortage brokers, bankers or other professionals with the specialized financial knowledge needed to help guide your long term financial and housing goals.

Below are some resources for general information about mortgages and home financing programs.