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AOL Attempts Comeback as "Patch"

Filed under: Business,Technology by Randy Harris at 4:12 pm on November 11, 2010
Framingham Patch

Why is ''Patch'' trying to get people to believe they are a local website and hiding the fact that they are AOL ?

FRAMINGHAM, MA - AOL, the online service that so many people loved to hate, is rearing its ugly head again.

AOL, a company whose corporate ethics are virtually non-existent has been the object of thousands of consumer, employee and investor complaints and lawsuits due to; unfair consumer practices, consumer privacy violations, unfair labor practices and securities law violations.

The company was been the target of (and lost) one of the largest class action lawsuits in history.

One class action lawsuit should be of particular interest to anyone considering "volunteering", "contributing", or responding to offers for paid work at AOL's Patch. That lawsuit had to do with thousands of people who were effectively unpaid or underpaid "employees" of AOL -- although the company called them "community leaders" and denied they worked for AOL.

We've created a spoof / satire version of Framingham Patch which contains ...[read more]

Correlsense Red Herring Finalist

Filed under: Business,Technology by Randy Harris at 3:00 am on June 22, 2010
Correlsense - Zen Logo

Framingham company Correlsense awarded 2010 Red Herring N. American Top 100 Finalist

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Correlsense, a Framingham based business transaction management software and service company today announced another key strategic partnership. London based Fusion Business Solutions, an IT management systems integrator will provide "a qualified local presence in the sales and support of Correlsense's SharePath".

This is just the latest in a chain of good news for the Framingham company.

On June 15, 2010 Correlsense was selected as a finalist for the Red Herring North America 100 award -- a prestigious  award by a top internet media company whose mission is to "cover innovation, technology, financing and entrepreneurial activity".  Simply being named one of only 100 finalists in a field that spans ...[read more]

Framingham Cable "Deals"

Filed under: Technology by Randy Harris at 9:53 pm on May 14, 2010

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Ever since Community Cablevision came to town in the 1970's, one-by-one, most people took down the rabbit ears or roof-top antennae and ran coaxial cable into their homes instead.

1979 - Framingham Community Cablevision logo

Framingham Community Cablevision, logo, (1979).

Today there are several options available to Framingham residents in regard to how they obtain "tv signal".

Choices range from using a digital converter box connected to those old rabbit ears or aerial antennae, by "cable", by satellite -- or a popular choice lately: foregoing traditional formal television programming and watching news, entertainment and other forms of video on an internet connected device.

Cable providers have long realized that improvements in speed and quality of online video transmission would make people less dependent on traditional television as a media source and today cable tv is usually bundled into some form of broadband cable access.

Framingham's cable t.v., internet and residential phone needs are served primarily by three companies;  Comcast, RCN and ...[read more]

FPAC Going Global with VOD

Filed under: Technology by News Staff at 2:12 pm on September 6, 2009

(Contributed by Greg Martin, FPAC Production Technician)

FRAMINGHAM, MA -- It has been a busy time lately for FPAC TV programming. We have many new specials, public service announcements (PSAs), and a lot of exciting new series shows. We’re stronger and better than ever before, and as always offering the most unique, fresh, and sometimes controversial programming you’re likely to see in Framingham.

In related news, FPAC is in the process of purchasing and installing a Video-On-Demand (VOD) server from Tightrope Media. You may ask, “What does this mean for Framingham television?”

Until now, FPAC’s fine programming was available only to the residents of Framingham. At FPAC, we felt that we were depriving the rest of the planet’s 5 billion inhabitants of the educational, funny, and unique programming that we show here, unavailable anywhere else. With the addition of this server, FPAC shows will be available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

The Cablecast SX VOD server makes our content available for viewing on demand over the Internet, to anyone, at any time. When a digital file arrives at FPAC, we will automatically transcode it for viewing and podcasting and then make the file available though the FPAC website.

FPAC will become global in reach, offering viewers up to 30,000 hours of programming at the click of a mouse. Viewers can receive automatic notifications of new content via RSS feeds, and can download programming to and iPod, iPhone, or similar mobile device for viewing on the go. So get ready, Framingham, for some international exposure!

Historical Society Looking for Photos to Scan

Filed under: Arts / Culture,Technology by News Staff at 5:18 pm on January 31, 2006

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Do you have photos, publications, or records that depict the people and places of the textile industry in Framingham?

The Framingham Historical Society is looking for images for their upcoming exhibit, The Fabric of Framingham. Rather than donate your images, the Society would just like you to share them by allowing it to scan them.

The Framingham Historical Society & Museum is holding a scanning party on Saturday, February 11 from 10a.m. - noon at the Edgell Memorial Library. Refreshments will be served.

The snow date is February 12th from 2 - 4 p.m.

Call 508-872-3780 for more information.


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