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Building Commissioner May Face Criminal Charges

November 5, 2011 (10:25 am EST)
by News Staff
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Framingham Board of Selectmen, (left to right) Laurie Lee, Charlie Sisitsky, Jason Smith, Ginger Esty and Dennis Giombetti.

Framingham Board of Selectmen, (left to right) Laurie Lee, Charlie Sisitsky, Jason Smith, Ginger Esty and Dennis Giombetti.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - In an updated agenda that was published late Friday afternoon, the Framingham Board of Selectman, (BOS), have decided to meet earlier than usual for a closed-door executive session on Tuesday November 8th, 2011.

In the agenda the selectmen have announced they will meet at 5:30pm, (in the Nevins Conference Room of the Memorial Building), and as their first order of business have listed the following item:

1). Discussion Regarding Investigation of Building Commissioner per M.G.L. Ch. 30A, Sec. 21(a)(1) and 30A, Sec. 21(a)(5).

Framingham Building Commissioner Michael Foley was placed on administrative leave (with pay) last week after allegations of padding expense reports, playing golf on work days, not showing up for work and giving friends and associates thousands of dollars worth of discounts on building permit fees were unveiled.

Town Meeting Member George Lewis, (Precinct 18 Chair), has also made allegations that Foley denied him access to public records, illegally barred Lewis from entering the Building Department office, made disparaging remarks about Lewis to others, and in one instance threatened Lewis with bodily harm.

The sections of Massachusetts General Laws, ("M.G.L."), cited in the Selectman's Meeting agenda item address administration of the government and more specifically when and why public bodies may meet in closed-door executive session and pertain to ...[read more]

Framingham Building Commissioner Target of Investigation

November 2, 2011 (1:45 pm EST)
by News Staff
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WBZ-TV4 I-Team Investigative Reporter Joe Shortsleeve

WBZ-TV4 I-Team Investigative Reporter Joe Shortsleeve in front of Town Hall after finding what he called "fraudulent and bogus" expense reports and other documents submitted by Framingham Building Commissioner Michael Foley.

FRAMINGHAM, MA- Starting in 2008, George Lewis, (a Town Meeting Member for Precinct 18), started making inquiries at the Town's Building Department about properties in his neighborhood that appeared to be in violation of certain Framingham bylaws.

George felt his property values and the quality of life in his South Framingham neighborhood near Waushakum Pond were in decline.

Inspecting the alleged bylaw and building code violations is something Framingham Building Commissioner and Director of Inspectional Services Mike Foley should have done in the normal course of his duties.

Instead of thanking Mr. Lewis for taking his own personal time to alert Foley about the violations, Foley instead became ...[read more]

WBZ-TV Channel 4 I-Team Investigates Framingham Official

October 31, 2011 (1:50 pm EST)
by News Staff
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Joe Shortsleeve, WBZ-TV Channel 4 ''I-Team'' Reporter

Joe Shortsleeve, WBZ-TV Channel 4 ''I-Team''

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Following an investigation over the past two months, WBZ-TV "I-Team" reporter Joe Shortsleeve has produced a segment regarding certain Framingham municipal government related personnel and financial issues.

This afternoon Joe confirmed that the segment which was originally scheduled to air tonight, (Monday October 31, 2011), has been preempted due to the volume of storm related news from this weekend's snow and will be broadcast during the CBS/WBZ-TV Channel 4 News at 11:00pm on Tuesday November 1st, 2011.

Follow up rebroadcasts are also tentatively scheduled and video of the segment will appear on the I-Team's webpage after the on-air broadcast.