Framingham High School Foundation

In the spring of 2001, the Framingham High School Foundation was started by a group of parents to insure the continuation of all extracurricular activities, the arts and athletics at Framingham High regardless of imposed budgetary restrictions. The FHSF is unique in that the bylaws allow the donor to assign 90% if their donation, to a specific athletic team, activity or artistic pursuit. The remaining 10% goes into the FHSF general fund.

The FHSF plans to reach this goal by a variety of efforts including: organizing a number of charity events throughout the year, building stronger alliances with the business community of Metrowest Area, reaching out to the alumni of Framingham High School and applying for grants from other charitable organizations. The Framingham High School Foundation plans to work in conjunction with The Parent –Teacher Booster Organization (PTBO).

Currently the members of The FHSF have taken over the running of the very successful Salute to Framingham Dinner which was started in 1992 by then Athletic Director Jim O’Connor. It has become a wonderful Framingham tradition honoring three volunteers each year, from various walks of life, nominated by the residents of the town. The proceeds from this popular event are used support activities, the arts and athletics at the high school. 2003 will be the second year for The Lou Merloni Golf Tournament . The Merloni Family, all Framingham alumni, donate to the foundation all the proceeds of this tournament specifically to assist the students pay sports fees.

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