Wayside Youth & Family Support Network

Wayside Youth and Family Support Network is a non-profit human services agency annually providing services to over 6,800 people from the MetroWest, Blackstone Valley and Greater Boston communities. We are committed to and affirm our support of individuals representing different races, ethnicity, abilities, sexual orientation and religions. With headquarters in Framingham, Wayside has thirteen sites serving Greater Boston, Blackstone Valley, MetroWest region and Assabet Valley.

  • Youth Residential Services: Our Residential and Day programs provide a range of short and long-term treatment for 12-17 year old adolescents who require a structured day program or a 24 hour a day group home setting

  • Counseling and Substance Abuse Services: We provide a full range of mental health and substance abuse services for children, adolescents, adults, and families.

  • Prevention and Support Services: We offer a variety of programs that include child assault prevention programs, community outreach to adolescents, smoking cessation, and substance abuse.

Population Served
  • At-risk youth and their families
  • Homeless teenagers
  • Infants/toddlers at risk of developmental delay
  • Teenage mothers
  • Gay-lesbian and bisexual youth
  • Young adults with psychiatric, emotional or behavioral issues
  • Women and their families at risk of domestic violence
  • Batterers seeking intervention to stop violent tendencies
  • Victims of a traumatic event
  • Counseling and support services for immigrants (especially those who are Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking)
  • Deaf and hard-of-hearing people in need of services, those in need of outpatient mental health services
  • The general public, for prevention services

Our Framingham based programs include:

Wayside Harbinger House - Edgell Road is a short-term, acute care program for adolescents who require an intensive diagnostic evaluation or who might otherwise be at a risk of homelessness.

Wayside Harbinger House - Dennison Avenue is a residential program providing emergency shelter for homeless and runaway youth and for youth needing residential placement while addressing behavioral, school and/or family issues.

Wayside Day Center - provides day treatment, partial hospitalization and substance abuse programming for adolescents who are experiencing significant emotional problems.

Wayside MetroWest Counseling Center - provides a full range of mental health and substance abuse services for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families including diagnostic assessments, psychological evaluation, medication evaluation and treatment, substance abuse evaluation/treatment and individual, group and family therapy.

Wayside FamilyWorks - offers intensive community-based programs specializing in solution focused interventions for individuals and families to increase stability and problem-solving skills as well as to maintain family preservation and reunification.

Wayside CommunityLINKS - promotes healthy/safe alternatives through the provision of mobile, resourceful community services to prevent homeless, violent and destructive situations for adolescents.

Rainbow Resources - offers affirming, issue-sensitive services to gay and lesbian youth. Trainings and workshops on gay, bisexual and transgender youth issues are also available for school personnel and other community professionals.

Wayside has been "Building strength, hope and resiliency in our children, families and community" for the past 25 years.

Wayside Youth & Family Support Network
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