Human Relations Department

image: Human Relations Dept. ''hand in hand''

Town of Framingham
Disability, Fair Housing,Human Relations Dept.
Memorial Building, Room B33
Framingham, MA 01702
(508) 532-5540 Voice
(508) 620-4851 TTY


The Human Relations Department receives, investigates, and attempts to resolve allegations of discrimination. It also advises the Town and local businesses about laws covering the rights of persons with disabilities and civil rights developments.

The Human Relations department assists individuals groups, and Town Government and deals with; Fair Housing, Public Safety, Discrimination, Disabilities Issues, Tenant-Landlord Issues, Minority Issues, Stereotyping, Prejudice and Sexism and provides information and referral services related to these issues.

Anyone who has had their civil or human rights violated can contact the Human Relations office. All contacts are confidential and no action is taken without explicit agreement of the complainant.

See also: Human Relations Commission
See also: Standing Committe on Human Relations

The Human Relations Administrator is appointed by Town Manager for an indefinite term. (refer to GBF : Article I)