Wallace Nutting

Wallace Nutting
Portrait of Wallace Nutting

Nutting's "Old America Company" published a series of books which featured Nutting's photos, drawings and text from its offices at 46 Park Street, Framingham Massachusetts in the early 1920's. Each volume was devoted to a different New England state. They included;

  • Vermont Beautiful, (c) 1922
  • Connecticut Beautiful, (c) 1922
  • Massachusetts Beautiful, (c) 1923
  • New Hampshire, (c) 1923
  • Maine Beautiful, (c) 1924
  • Pennsylvania Beautiful, (c) 1924
  • New York Beautiful, (c) 1924

Earlier books by Nutting included:

  • Furniture of the Pilgrim Century, (c) 1923
  • Clock Book, (c) 1923

The book Massachusetts Beautiful contains eleven black and white photos taken in Framingham which include:

  • All in a Garden Fair, (pg. 16)
  • Framingham Elm Curves, (pg. 16)
  • A Protecting Home Tree, (pg. 43)
  • Below the Dam, (pg. 47)
  • Elizabeth In Her Garden, (pg. 56)
  • Blossoming Wayside, (pg. 63)
  • Three Friends, (pg. 84)
  • The Way to Southboro, (pg. 109)
  • "Massachusetts, There She Stands!", (pg. 160)
  • Spring Harmony, (pg. 167)
  • A Framingham Causeway, (pg. 271)
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