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Living Your Dreams Women's Conference 2006

Filed under: General Interest by Deb Cleveland at 7:52 pm on February 26, 2006

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Living Your Dreams, Leaving a Legacy is the theme of the second annual Dream Year 2006 Women’s Conference to be held March 24 (evening) and 25 (all day) in Framingham. Open to all women, this is an interactive gathering of women who are committed to making a difference in work and in life.
Presented by Cantor Consulting and the Dream Factory Community, the purpose of this conference is for women to:

  • create a powerful Dream for themselves.
  • receive insights and tools for Living their Dreams and Leaving a Legacy
  • envision a world they want to live in, which they can confidently pass on to their children.
  • expand the connection and support available within the Dream Factory, a community of women entrepreneurs.

The Conference will be held at the UCC Conference Center on Badger Road in Framingham. The event begins Friday evening (March 24) with a catered dinner and a celebration of every woman who attends. Participants will honor themselves and their achievements through humor, art, writings, poetry, music, and various form of self-expression. The contribution of women throughout history will be acknowledged.

Attendees may further connect during an optional overnight stay at the UCC facility with other participants. This offers a well-deserved break from daily routines and creates a retreat as well as a conference.

On Saturday morning, participants will clarify their dreams and the legacy they want to leave by tapping into the greater wisdom of women and listening to themselves in a new way. Working in large and small groups with skilled
facilitators, attendees will engage in a process of discovery that empowers them to grow and dissolve any barriers to success.

Saturday afternoon will have participants creating a roadmap to help them get from where they are today to where they wish to go. Working in small groups, attendees will identify milestones and next steps. They will use their small groups to clarify resources needed to create their dreams and leave their legacies.

The Facilitators for the conference are:

  • Nancy Cantor, Chief Dream Officer-Dream Factory Community
  • Ani Colt, Touch Therapist and Community Builder
  • Ursula Flaherty, M.S., Innovative Physical Therapy
  • Linda Glazer, M.A., Speaker, Consultant, Playshop Leader
  • Ann Layman, Presentation and Sales Trainer
  • Carol Madsen, M.B.A.., International marketing, Urban planning
  • Marie Patrice Masse, M.Ed., Spiritual counselor/healer
  • Noemi Paciorek, M.A., LMHC Psychotherapist and life coach
  • Toni Pinheiro, M.A., WakeUp! Artist-HR Specialist
  • Francesca Radbill, Investor
  • Ramsay Raymond, M.A., MHC Psychosynthesis Guide and Teacher, The Dreamwheel

Registration: Dream Factory Community member/nonmember price $179/$199 until February 28, then $199/$225 and $49 to stay over (space limited).

For information, contact Cantor Consulting at 508-231-0791 or go to:


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