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Framingham Tax Bills Delayed, State Late Approving Rate

Filed under: General Interest by News Staff at 11:10 pm on January 21, 2021
Framingham's Town Hall, the Memorial Building is located at 150 Concord Street in Downtown Framingham.

Framingham's City Hall, ("The Memorial Building"), is located at 150 Concord Street in Downtown Framingham.

FRAMINGHAM, MA  - Long time property owners in Framingham were starting to wonder why no quarterly tax bills were showing up in their mail.  In response, the City released a statement concerning "City of Framingham Tax Bills".

In it, the explanation was, "The City of Framingham’s Real Estate and Personal Property bills will be delayed. The reason for this delay is because the State of Massachusetts has not approved Framingham’s tax rate. We are anticipating more information by the end of January. When the bills go out, the third and fourth quarters of Fiscal 2021 will be due on May 3, but they can be paid before the May 3 deadline." ...[read more]

Framingham Public Schools Announce The Karen Foran Dempsey Scholarship

Filed under: Schools & Education by News Staff at 4:30 pm on January 19, 2021

[photo] Karen Foran Dempsey, Framingham, MAFRAMINGHAM, MA - Born and raised in Framingham, Karen Foran Dempsey spent her entire life advocating for equality for those with disabilities, and most recently served as District 2’s School Committee Member. She experienced a challenging physical disability from herearly years and never let it impede her living life to the fullest, as she used her experience to advocate vigorously for all people to have equal access and equal opportunity. Sadly, Karen died suddenly at the age of 54 on December 24, 2020. (Obituary)

“Karen’s passing is a tremendous loss for our community as we have all learned from her example and ...[read more]

Mass State Police Rt. 9 Framingham Heliport Airspace Designation Proposal

Filed under: Legal Notices,Uncategorized by News Staff at 5:44 am on January 19, 2021

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Massachusetts State Police Headquarters located on Route 9 near the Route 126 overpass seeks a higher level controlled airspace designation for it's heliport.

In an notice of proposed rulemaking, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), published notice of the proposal in the Federal Register titled "Proposed Establishment of Class E Airspace; Framingham, MA", announcing ...[read more]

Framingham Toy Soldiers Snow People Scavenger Hunt

Filed under: Around Town by News Staff at 11:35 pm on December 3, 2020

Framingham Toy Soldier Scavenger Hunt (2020)FRAMINGHAM, MA - Avoid cabin fever this holiday season! The City of Framingham Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Division have collaborated to create a socially distant scavenger hunt to help locate their lost Toy Soldiers and Snow People.

After a long quarantine nap, the Toy Soldiers and Snow People have come out of hibernation and are wandering around the City. We need your help finding them, to make sure they are ready to celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year!

Pieces of the scavenger hunt map will be ...[read more]

Framingham MassPike Exit 111 and Exit 117

Filed under: General Interest by News Staff at 12:03 am on December 3, 2020
MassPike, Stockbridge to Boston

Listening to James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James" upon entry onto the Massachusetts Turnpike, (1994, Wasted Time R at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0)

FRAMINGHAM, MA - In the days before GPS, people asking for directions to Framingham from the east or west would be told to "take the Pike and get off at Exit 12 or Exit 13" depending where in Framingham they were going.

"The Pike" as locals call it, also known as the MassPike, (shortened from "Massachusetts Turnpike"), is the portion of U.S. Interstate Highway "I-90", a toll road that runs from the western border of Massachusetts in the town of West Stockbridge to Boston, MA the state capital.

Along with the rest of the MassPike, (and many other highways), the exit numbers are being changed to a uniform numbering system based on mile markers. ...[read more]

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