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FREE LIFT Bus Service During Peak Shopping Days

Filed under: Around Town by Deb Cleveland at 8:17 pm on November 19, 2006

FRAMINGHAM, MA -- Once Again the LIFT Public Transit System will be offering free bus service on select days during the holiday season. This year's days are: Friday and Saturday, November 24 and 25, and Friday December 22, 2006. Shoppers can avoid parking lot headaches by using the Lift bus, especially the Lift 9 bus.

The LIFT 9 bus provides direct service between the West Natick Commuter Rail station and the retail, residential, and employment hubs along Route 9 in Framingham, including Framingham State College, Shoppers World, the Natick Mall, Technology Park, and the 9/90 Corporate Center. LIFT 9 operates between 6:10 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

With funding from the MBTA, the Executive Office of Transportation, and appropriations from the Town of Framingham, the LIFT Public Transit System has been undergoing constant enhancements to better serve its customers. Visit website for updates, promotions, schedule changes, maps, and other information.

The LIFT office is located in Framingham's Town Hall and is staffed by several customer service representatives. LIFT Office hours are: 8.30am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday, and the phone number is (508) 532-5459.

If you have any questions or concerns and outside of office hours, please call: 1.800.649.6096 of visit the lift website at


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