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Filed under: Around Town by Deb Cleveland at 3:24 pm on August 19, 2009

Slowly but surely we have had to have our old maple trees cut down before they fell over in a storm, or dropped a heavy  branch on a car.  They sheltered so many of our life events. 

Our kids enjoyed a hammock hung from its branches, and its shade while playing in the sandbox and running through the sprinkler.  Many a family meal cooked on the grill was enjoyed on a picnic table under a tree.  Our bunny's hutch was shaded by a tree.  The trees also provided natural air conditioning for the west side of the house.

Now, our previously cool kitchen is one of the hottest rooms in the house thanks to the sun beating in and we have less shade to relax under.

We also cut down our hedges in the last few years and now have less privacy and more noise from the street.  But the lawn is easier to maintain, and the yard looks bigger.

As we walk the neighborhood, we note that we can barely see some houses due to the overgrown trees.  On the other hand one house looks as though someone had called a tree company, and said, take them, take them all.

Every single bush, shrub, and tree in front of the house, lining the boundary with the neighbor, and what we could see of the backyard was removed.   Only large areas of dirt where the trees were remain.  The house looks naked and now we can finally see it.

What a difference a tree or vegetation makes. 

There's one house in Saxonville, very well kept, lawn always mowed, but there are no flowers, shrubs, or trees near the house or in most of the yard.  We itch to at least see a pot of flowers on the steps or something.  It is easy to maintain, but seems like an "i" without a dot, as though something is missing.

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