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It's a Shoe-In

Filed under: Health & Fitness by Deb Cleveland at 9:08 pm on December 27, 2009

My feet need a lot of cushioning.  I stand and walk a lot on hard surfaces.  Some years ago I discovered MBT's (Masai Barefoot Technology shoes.)  My bad knee stopped bothering me.  My plantar faschiitis cleared up.   I met people who raved about them.

Recently when I needed to replace  my shoes, I decided to see what else is available that might be a bit less expensive but would give me good cushioning and support.  (My MBTs ran about $ 225.)   Before MBTs I pretty much bought New Balance or Nike or such on sale for $ 40 or under so the MBTs were a leap.

I tried Good Feet on Rt. 9.  The shoe that I liked is $ 160, but for the support needed, there's a patented orthotic type insert that goes for about $ 260.  Yikes!  But that it has a 3 year warranty is a selling point.  Then there is a cushioned insole for about $ 28, but they would throw that in.  And the shoes were non-returnable.   

Nordstroms in the Natick Collection was having a sale, and I asked about MBT's because a friend told me they carried them.  The answer was that I can order them, but they didn't have them in the store anymore.

Then I noticed that Nordstroms had Skechers Shapeups, which had a similar cushioned sole to the MBTs.  The style I liked, which would transition from work to play was $ 99, but they didn't have my size in black.  The helpful sales clerk told me I could order them, but I am leary of buying shoes without trying them on.

I found the same style up the way in the Skechers store in the Natick Collection, but they didn't have my size and they were $ 110.

After checking the Skechers website, where the price was also $ 110, I found the same pair at DSW Shoe.  They had my size, my color, and the price was $ 99.    Sold!

But I was surprised that Nordstroms was less expensive than I would have expected.  I will have to check them out more often.

  1. So, if you have orthotics you can use them in most all of
    your shoes. Health wise shoes should not be worn day after
    day. Have two or three pairs for a change each day.

    Comment by r. carol — December 29, 2009 @ 2:43 pm

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