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The Vote Getting Out

Filed under: Politics by Deb Cleveland at 9:21 pm on January 19, 2010

Today was election day in Massachusetts to decide who will succeed Senator Ted Kennedy.  I didn't head to vote until around 5:30 p.m.

As the snow fell in bigger and bigger clumps, the driveway in and out of the King School was clogged with cars, more than I've ever experienced when going to vote.

The closest experience was some years ago when I recall there was an overide on the ballot.  I think of it as the walkers vs. strollers election.    At the time I saw more seniors with walkers and more young parents with strollers than at any other election in memory.

Tonight I saw a variety of ages again.  I was struck by the number of parents with very young children toughing it out.  I saw one mother with a heavy baby carrier in one hand, holding a small child by the hand with the other, making her way through the slushy and snowbordered parking area, silhouetted by the oncoming headlights of a line of cars. 

The voters were out, and determined.  They were galvanized by the contest. 

 Having a son in the service, the voters validated his commitment to protect our way of life and freedom to vote.

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