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Danny O'Connor Boxing Match Cancelled

Filed under: General Interest by Randy Harris at 4:29 pm on November 2, 2010
Framingham boxing match cancelled.

Homecoming boxing match canceled.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - A boxing exhibition featuring Framingham native champion boxer Danny O'Connor has been canceled. Citing difficulties in obtaining the necessary permits to hold the match in Nevins Hall, the bout has been rescheduled to Nov. 20th and moved to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT.

O'Connor who grew up in Saxonville and wrestled at Framingham High has already racked up an impressive professional boxing record.  Among other titles he was a 2008 National Golden Gloves Champion, 2008 US Future Stars National Champion, and a 2008 Alternate US Olympic Boxing Team member.  O'Connor is undefeated in his professional boxing career.

According to a press release from Warriors Boxing promoter Leon Margules the match featuring O'Connor which was billed as "The Homecoming", was canceled due to what he describes as [Framingham's] "bizarre bureaucracy".

In the press release Margules claims; "representations were made to me by town officials that I would be able to sell stadium-type food and could get a temporary liquor license..".  Those licenses were ultimately denied by the Framingham Board of Selectmen.

The press release goes on to say the Framingham Chief of Police, "didn't like the idea of beer and wine being sold and it got rejected", then says that even though the promoter agreed to forego selling alcohol, when he inquired about a permit to sell food, he was told [The Town] "won't approve concessions and that if people want to eat they can use the vending machines".

In a call to the Framingham Board of Selectmen, Chairman Dennis Giombetti explained that there were several reasons the licenses were denied.  He explained that the Town had tried to "bend over backwards" to accommodate the fight, but they were not open to the Town's suggestions.

Giombetti said the Town had tentatively agreed to allow Margules to sell hot dogs, bottled water,  (and for attendees to use snack machines), but did deny any alcohol, beer or wine license.

While Framingham has issued temporary liquor licenses for events at Nevins Hall, Giombetti pointed out that they were usually for sit-down dinners, fund-raisers and other events where people would not likely be moving around, "cheering", going up and down stairs to the balcony and restrooms, and other excessive movement where beer (and food) would likely be spilled and cause damage to the historic building and its hardwood floors.

Selectman Giombetti said, even if cleaned up the lingering smell of spilled beer from such an event would be a problem for a building which houses Town offices.  Citing other reasons, Giombetti pointed out that there isn't adequate parking at Nevins Hall or close to it.  A final issue had to do with ticket prices.  Giombetti said that the Board would have been more inclined to approve the permits, but the tickets were going to be priced at $25, $50 and $100 per seat -- effectively prohibiting local kids and families from attending.

Giombetti said that the Board had suggested the promoters wait until spring and offered to rent them Loring Arena after it shuts down the ice rink at the end of the season.

He pointed out that Loring arena is has plenty of parking, can hold as many people or more than Nevins Hall, and since the building and bleachers are concrete with plastic seats,  and is already equipped with a concession stand,  the food and alcohol issues would not be a problem there.

While it would be exciting to have O'Connor fight in Framingham, it appears the Nevins Hall venue would not have been a family friendly event -- local kids would not have been able to afford the tickets, and the possible damage to Nevins Hall would have outweighed any small fees the event would have generated for the Town.


  1. ridiculous this town is crazy…….. way to look out for a local kid

    Comment by Framinghamionian — November 2, 2010 @ 5:22 pm

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