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Desert Storm Display at Library

Filed under: Around Town by News Staff at 4:31 pm on February 4, 2011
public domain photo from Highway of Death, Operation Desert Storm, 18-APR-1991

Operation Desert Storm: April 18, 1991 - Passenger cars, trucks, buses, tanks and other military vehicles destroyed and abandoned along the "Highway of Death". (Public domain image, photographed by U.S. Tech. Sgt. Joe Coleman during the course of official duties).

FRAMINGHAM, MA - The Framingham Veteran's Council has put together a window display commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Operation Desert Storm.

The display is installed at the Framingham Public Library, 49 Lexington St., Downtown Framingham and runs from February 1, 2011 through February 14, 2011.

Items on display include different types of US camouflage, an Escape and Evasion map carried by Special Forces and Pilots for use behind enemy lines. A "Blood Chit" help in evasion.

There are propaganda leaflets and postcards. The most famous propaganda post card was the Kuwaiti Valentine. These were printed by the Kuwaiti government in exile and sent to refugee camps where they were "personalized" to then be handed out to the US Troops.

There is a postcard signed by Bob Hope the comedian, Generals Colin Powell, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff, H. Norman Schwarzkopf, CINC, US CENTCOM, HRH General Khaled bin Sultan, CINC Coalition Forces, Sir Peter Edgar de la Cour de la Billière, Commander, British Forces.

There are US Central Command patches, badges and "Challenge Coins".

There is an Iraqi Flag and a Dallah, (coffee or tea pot), that had been looted in Kuwait City. Both the Flag and the Dallah were recovered from a burned out Iraqi tank on the "Mile of Death" just outside of Kuwait City.

Some of the most popular souvenir items for US troops were Bedouin jewelry and "War Rugs" a traditional Islamic prayer rug with anti soviet motifs which were being made in Afghan refugee camps and sold around the world.

NOTE: The Framingham Veterans Council is looking for Civil War items to include in a window display in April 2011. Please contact the Veterans Agent at: (508) 532-5515 if you have something you might like to display or have any questions.


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