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CHASE Mortgage Attempts to Steal Framingham Man's Home

Filed under: Around Town by News Staff at 8:33 am on May 27, 2011
Ice Dam

Ice dams are caused when heavy snow builds up then melts and refreezes along the outer edge of a building.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Like many Framingham residents, Dwight Woytowick had ice dam problems this past winter. Unlike those who got the snow and ice off their roof before damage occurred, the ice dams on Dwight's home caused $50k damage.

Woytowick's 4000 square foot home which sits on nearly an acre of land off Singletary Lane near the reservoir behind Macomber Estates is valued by the Town at just under $500k.  According to records, the home has been in Woytowick's family for 20 years, and was transferred into his name in 2001.

Current with his mortgage, and fully insured, Woytowick put in a claim with his insurance company.  They promptly cut a check for $48K to cover the damage which had caused ceilings and walls to collapse from the water which poured into the home as snow and ice melted.

Damage from ice was just the start of Woytowick's problems. What followed next would be any home-owners nightmare...

As is customary, when a home is mortgaged, the insurance company made out the check to both Woytowick and his mortgage company, Chase Bank.

Preferring to repair the damage himself, Woytowick tore our water soaked drywall, damaged windows and wood trim, and began to put his house back in order.

Chase informed Woytowick he would need to complete 50% of the work, before they could release the funds to him.

Woytowick drew out money from personal saving and retirement funds and to continue restoring the home.

The other shoe dropped, when Chase next told him they would not release the funds until 90% of the work was done.

During all this, Woytowick literally spent every last cent he had.  Unable to make a mortgage payment, Chase continued to stall him, now saying they would not release any of his insurance money until he was current on the mortage.

Yesterday, (May 26, 2011), WBZ-TV’s Kate Merril's reported on Woytowick's plight in which she said a Chase spokesperson denied they ever told Woytowick they would release the funds at the 50% completion point.

Woytowick says it is impossible for him to come up with the mortage payment, and has tried to reason with Chase; that they have "his money" tied up, and that he will be forced into foreclosure if they do not release the funds.  Apparently Chase Bank doesn't care.


  1. According the information you reported, Chase Bank is entirely in the wrong. This what you call “cut throat banking”. When national banks determine how our homes and neighborhoods operate, communities across the United States are in trouble.

    When banking is done more at the local level, we can solve problems at the local level.

    Comment by Stephen — May 31, 2011 @ 3:28 pm

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