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Board, Committee and Commission Positions Available

Filed under: Politics by News Staff at 2:12 pm on May 1, 2012
Framingham Town Hall, The Memorial Building

Framingham Town Hall, The Memorial Building

FRAMINGHAM, MA - One of the duties of the Framingham Board of Selectmen, ("BOS"), is to appoint residents to serve on various boards, committees, and commissions.

The BOS has published the following list of vacancies that it is seeking to fill:

  • Agricultural Advisory Commission - 2 Positions
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee - 1 Position
  • Board of Health - 1 Position
  • Cable Advisory Committee - Position
  • Community Development Committee - 7 Positions
  • Conservation Commission - 2 Positions
  • Council on Aging - 3 Positions
  • Cultural Council - 4 Positions
  • Cushing Memorial Chapel Advisory Committee - 5 Positions (1 Framingham History Center Member and 4 Framingham Resident Members)
  • Disability Commission - 2 Positions
  • Economic Development and Industrial Corporation - 2 Positions (Finance Member and Manufacturing Member)
  • Fair Housing Committee - 8 Positions
  • Historic District Commission - 5 Positions (Architect, Realtor, Alternate Framingham History Center, Alternate Attorney, Alternate District Resident)
  • Historical Commission - 2 Positions
  • Human Relations Commission - 7 Positions
  • Parks and Recreation Commission - 2 Positions
  • Zoning Board of Appeals - 5 Positions

Any Framingham resident interested in serving in a position can obtain an application via four methods:

1). Call the Selectmen’s office at 508-532-5400,

2). E-mail,

3). Download an application from the Selectmen’s page on the Town’s website at, or

4). Forward a letter of interest and resume to: Board of Selectmen, 150 Concord St., Framingham, MA 01702.

The next round of appointments will be made on June 19, 2012.Please submit all applications by June 14, 2012, unless otherwise noted. For more detailed descriptions, please view the Selectmen’s page on the Town’s website at


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