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'Impact Framingham' Grant Funds Availability

Filed under: Around Town by News Staff at 3:03 pm on October 26, 2011
Impact Framingham

''Impact Framingham'' group plans to use proceeds of sale of Civic League building to fund worthwhile community projects.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Impact Framingham, a new foundation dedicated to benefitting the town and the people of Framingham, is announcing the availability of grant funds for the 2012 year.

Impact Framingham was formed from the funds received from the sale of 214 Concord Street, formerly known as the Framingham Civic League. The League owned the building for nearly 100 years before they sold it to a religious organization in 2010.

The proceeds from the sale of the building have been set aside as a charitable fund that will be distributed as grants within the community.

The organization is now known as Impact Framingham, with the goal of "investing in our community." Betsy Fishman, President of Impact Framingham, commented on the new name of the organization. With "IF" being the acronym for Impact Framingham, "We wanted to pose the question, 'What if?' to the people of ...[read more]

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