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Framingham Blizzard Warning - December 26,2010

Filed under: General Interest by News Staff at 9:29 pm on December 26, 2010

FRAMINGHAM, MA - The Town of Framingham's automated emergency phone system dialed town residents twice today.

The first call was to announce that the National Weather Service has issued a Blizzard Warning for today -- from noon on Sunday, December 26, 2010 until Monday, December 27 at 6:00pm, and the town could expect 15" to 20" snow.

Residents were advised that there would be no parking on all artierial roads, (which are posted with red and white signs).  Also, the call advised that although standard odd/even parking was in effect for all non-arterial roads, that residents were advised to seek off street parking as vehicles will be towed if they interfere with plowing operations.

A second call came advising residents that no trash pickup would occur on Monday December 27, 2010, and reminding residents not to place trash or recycling recepticles on the curb (as snow cleanup will likely still be taking place).

Monday would have been a heavy trash day as it will be the first scheduled trash pickup day after Christmas.  In past years, before the phone alert system was in place and used for such notices some residents would put trash out that would not get picked up, and it would either hinder snow plowing -- or barrels were hit by plows causing a mess, (needless to say, the barrels did not fare well).

Trash and recycle schedules are moved up by one day, (e.g.- if your trash was to go out Monday, it should be put out Tuesday instead -- if your regular day is Tuesday, put it out Wednesday, etc).

If you have questions or problems regarding either snow removal or trash pickup, contact the Framingham Department of Public Works, (Highway Division or Solid Waste Division), at (508) 532-6030.

For (non-emergency) issues related to parking during the storm, (vehicle blocking a street, parking questions, etc),  contact the Framingham Police at (508) 872-1212.


April Fool's Blizzard of '97

Filed under: General Interest by Randy Harris at 11:49 pm on April 1, 1997

FRAMINGHAM, MA - After an unusually warm winter, with little snow, people were a little amused when, during the last days of March, meteorologists started predicting a blizzard would hit the area.

[PHOTO] April Fools Blizzard, 1997, Framingham MA

Just the day before this photo was taken people were seen walking around downtown in t-shirts and shorts, but during the storm it was necessary for plows to pile 8-10 feet of snow in the rotary in Memorial Square to keep roads clear and traffic moving. (photo by Randy Harris)

It wasn't Yankee humor, but the weather forecasters did have the last laugh when rain, then sleet, then snow, snow, and more snow buried the town in 24" of the heavy wet stuff during the record setting single-day storm.

[PHOTO] Winter St. Dam, April Fools Blizzard, 1997, Framingham, MA

Warm temperatures returned almost immediately after the storm causing such fast melting snow and runoff that the ground vibrated as water pounded over the falls on Winter St. (photo by Randy Harris)

As luck had it, town elections, originally scheduled for April 2nd had already been moved up to April 8th.. this was done because Framingham Public Schools were on vacation for the week, which also lessened the impact of the storm--- school kids were home to enjoy the snow without adding snow days to the end of the school year.


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