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Framingham Inventor Hits Home Run

Filed under: General Interest by Randy Harris at 11:26 am on December 18, 1996

Big Bucks Base Ball (tm) from Kitchen Table Games

Big Bucks Base Ball (tm) from Kitchen Table Games

FRAMINGHAM, MA - At Larry Bucaria's house, kids are always encouraged to play at the kitchen table... not with their food, but with the games Larry invents.

Bucaria, who takes his game inventing seriously has set up shop, (under the name Kitchen Table Games Inc.), in Building 4 of the former Dennison complex.

The company's first game, Big Bucks Baseball™, (U.S. Patent #5,092,596), was inspired in part by Larry's grandson Matt who Larry proudly proclaims is a baseball nut.

The game can be played three ways; from a simple pitch, hit, and run type baseball game, to Big Bucks mode, using MONOPOLY™ like rules, and business strategy that comes as close to Major League Baseball team ownership as most of us will ever come. In Big Bucks mode you try to accquire cash to upgrade your roster, to purchase concessions for everything from food and drinks to satellite t.v. and radio broadcast rights, and must always be ready to pay franchise fees and game and player fines, (and receive royalties and bonuses).

Larry Bucaria, Kitchen Table Games, Framingham ,MA

Larry Bucaria, Kitchen Table Games, Framingham ,MA

Kitchen Table Games is a family operation, and since Larry has one son, four daughters, and even more grandchildren, he has plenty of help. Considering men, woman, boys and girls enjoy playing baseball, Big Bucks Baseball™ contains both male and female playing pieces and uses non-gender-specific language in it's instructions. The game is rated for ages 8 and up, but that doesn't necesarily mean age determines who wins. Describing the action from a game where Larry, (age 67), was playing against 11 year old grandson Matt, Larry wondered if Matt knew what he was doing. Matt was pitching and had just walked two valuable players. Then Matt pulled out a "DOUBLE PLAY" card he had been holding, ending the inning a little faster than Larry expected!

Kitchen Table Games is Bucaria's first attempt at running his own business, (he just retired from a 35 year job at Raytheon), but based on what he's already accomplished, you're sure to be hearing more about this Framingham company.

To order, or for more info on Big Bucks Baseball ™ or Kitchen Table Games visit their web site at, or send email to:, or call (508)626-0303 or TOLL FREE 1-800-470-2312.


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