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• Profile of the Framingham Heart Study

• The Study That Changed America's Heart

• A Timeline of Milestones from the Framingham Heart Study

• Zeroing in on Genetic Link to Hypertension - With 5,000 blood samples collected from two generations of Framingham families, researchers have the genetic material (DNA) to look for chromosomal regions and genes linked to heritable disorders.

• Emerging Risk Factors - Identifying and understanding the factors that increase the risk for cardiovascular disease has been one of Framingham's major contributions to improving America's "heart health." Heart Study researchers are now tracking down a number of new risk factors.

• New "Score Sheet" Can Estimate Individual's Risk for Developing Heart Disease - Utilizing the Framingham data about a wide variety of risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, researchers are now working to develop better tools to assess overall risk.

• "Through the Looking Glass:" Women and Heart Disease - The Heart Study was the first major cardiovascular investigation to include women.  Today, more women die from cardiovascular disease than all cancers combined, so the work to understand the particulars of heart disease in women may be more important than ever.

• Recent Developments - Most recent developments and data from the Framingham Heart Study, nationally recogonized geneological study by National Hearth Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

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