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September 6, 2009 (1:35 pm EST)
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FRAMINGHAM, MA -- Up until this season, I would have been inclined to think that a lot of rain would be good for such a water-heavy fruit as melons. Unfortunately, the converse is true.

All the early season rain has delayed the growth of melons and we are still watching to see if this will be the melon-prize week. We did have a few melons two weeks ago - that was the first crop's yield. The second crop, I'm told, will be larger and more satisfying - but when they will be ready for picking depends on the next few days' weather.

The farmers won't pick them if they are substandard - they only want to bring premium produce to the farmers' market. If a field taste determines more time on the vine is needed, then we will need to wait patiently for another week or so. In addition to melons, keep a lookout for another harvest of prune plums. Those should also be coming soon - hopefully this Thursday or the next.

Last week several of us panicked when the 12:30 opening holler came and went with no sign of our Hmong farmers. They did finally arrive, about 45 minutes later, bringing with them a fine selection of pea tendrils, watercress, mustard greens, amaranth, taioba, maxixe , thai basil and, my favorite - lemongrass. For those who missed them last week, rest assured that they plan to return with plenty more this week...and they're not expecting any further traffic delays (of course).

In addition to copious amounts of tomatoes, peaches, zucchinis, summer squash, beans, greens, eggplants, peppers, ground cherries and tomatillos, we'll also have our full, varied selection of cheeses, breads , baked goods, flowers and kettle corn. See you this Thursday!

Ernie Update: Ernie is still in the throws of harvest season but as he completes the harvest of first plantings, he is harrowing the finished fields and planting winter rye. This is a very busy time of year for him as he keeps up with the picking, plucking and pulling while tending to soon-to-be-harvested kohl crops and planting winter enrichment crops.

(Contributed by: Elizabeth Aurilio, Market Manager)

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