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Charlie Sisitsky to be Framingham's Next Mayor

November 3, 2021 (1:01 am EST)
Filed under: Politics by Randy Harris
Charlie Sisitsky, elected Mayor of Framingham, Massachusetts November 2, 2021.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - According to preliminary results, Charlie Sisitsky beat incumbent Mayor Yvonne Spicer by a more that 2-to-1 margin:

  • Sisitsky: 8,283
  • Spicer: 3,909

The percentage of votes for each candidate appear very similar to those cast in the September 14th, 2021 primary.

In the primary only 1938 votes were cast for Spicer while Sisitsky more than doubled that number with 4401 votes. Carlos Valadares a third candidate on the September ballot only received 363 votes and was eliminated.

On Tuesday night, shortly after Framingham polls closed and early (unofficial) numbers were in Spicer conceded she'd lost the election.

Just before midnight, using the "Charlie For Framingham" (@CSForFramingham) Twitter account, Sisitsky tweeted his acceptance.

In the tweet he wrote: "This election was never about one person -- it was about the people of Framingham -- and tonight, the voters showed us that they wanted change. We have much work to do in Framingham. As your Mayor, I will work tirelessly to represent the best interests of everyone in our City."


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