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Framingham Average Gas Prices Top $4.00 Per Gallon

March 7, 2022 (2:48 pm EST)
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US gasoline prices top $4.00/gallon in early march 2022.
Framingham, MA USA average regular gasoline price tops $4.00 in early March 2022.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - As domestic inflation and global tensions continue to drive up energy prices, Framingham, MA gas stations reported an average price of $4.15 per gallon for regular grade gasoline.

Framingham prices were in line with Massachusetts state averages of $4.16/gallon, and slightly higher than AAA's national average of $4.06.

The lowest (cash) price for regular gas in Framingham was $3.84/gallon at Auto Bright located in the downtown area on Hollis Street.

Prices were significantly higher (up to $4.33/gallon) along Route 9 and Route 30, (Worcester Road and Cochituate Road), where traffic swells during the day with drivers headed for the Golden Triangle retail area and many companies' offices are located.

The higher prices were seen at Alltown and at Cumberland Farms, at intersection of Rt. 30 and Speen street where both were charging $4.29/gallon for regular.

The highest reported "cash price" ($4.33/gallon) was at the Gulf station located on Rt. 9 westbound at Temple Street.

While it sometimes won't pay to drive out of your way to shop for lower gas prices, planning ahead can save a considerable amount with a fifty-cent per gallon difference. Filling a near empty 20-25 gallon tank could save you $10-$12 per fill-up by checking online prices and planning refueling in Framingham accordingly.

Visit our Framingham Gas Prices page ( ) for updated local prices and other Framingham, MA gasoline price information.


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