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City or Town? Framingham Charter Rumblings Heard Once Again

May 23, 2011 (1:26 am EST)
Filed under: Politics by Randy Harris

FRAMINGHAM, MA - In the municipality that claims to be "The Largest Town in America", rumblings, in the form of off-the-cuff remarks, hushed whispers and a few outright cries for reform are once again being heard in Framingham.

For those who weren't around in the late 1990's -- or weren't paying attention, the last Charter Commission was established, heard from, and its findings quietly tucked away along with the rest of the efforts to reform Framingham's government from its historical Town Meeting form into a City, with a Mayor and City Council.

The commission's Majority Report from 1996-1997 began with the following statement- ...[read more]

Collecting Hometown Memorabilia Talk on Sunday

January 18, 2006 (10:06 pm EST)
Filed under: Around Town by News Staff

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Temple Beth Am Brotherhood continues its Sunday breakfast and speaker series on Sunday, January 22, from 9 - 10:30 a.m.

This month's featured speaker is Debbie Cleveland, who will speak on collecting hometown memorabilia, using examples from her collection of nostalgic MetroWest materials. Her talk will include a tabletop display plus a powerpoint presentation.

Cleveland is a founding member of the Friends of Saxonville, a member of the Curatorial Committee of the Framingham Historical Society & Museum, co-author of Barbara Gray's memoir: A Woman's Ways & Means: 24 Wild Years in the Massachusetts House, and owner of

The program is open to the public at a cost of $ 8.

Reservations are required.

For more info or to make reservations, contactl Howard Newell at 508-875-3151.


MetroWest Radio Reading Day Celebration

July 5, 2005 (10:28 pm EST)
Filed under: General Interest by Deb Cleveland

FRAMINGHAM, MA – The MetroWest Radio Reading Service is celebrating ten years of service on Monday, July 11th from noon to 4 p.m. in the Public Hearing Room, Lower Nevins Hall, in the Memorial Building.

Lunch will be followed by a recognition ceremony at 1 p.m. for 31 volunteers who have participated in the service. Three volunteers will receive five year pins and six will receive ten year pins. Commissioner David Govostes, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Commission for The Blind will be present.

Three books by local authors that the Radio Reading Service has recorded and broadcast will be donated to the Framingham Public Library’s and Christa McAuliffe Branch’s audio collections. The books are: “A Journal for Christa” by Grace Corrigan, “Just Let the Kids Play,” by Tom Moroney, and “A Woman's Ways and Means: 24 Wild Years in the Massachusetts House” by Barbara E. Gray and Debra Regan Cleveland.

“Just Let the Kids Play” and “A Woman's Ways and Means” were recorded by Doctor Chet Roskey with the appendices, including a history of M.C.I. Framingham recorded by Christine Goodreau. “A Journal for Christa” was recorded by Carolyn Pailler.

It is particularly fitting that Barbara Gray's book was recorded by the service as a hallmark of her career in the Massachusetts House was the championship of the disabled.

The Metro West Radio Reading Service was inaugurated on June 20th, 1995 and began its first broadcast on July 10th, 1995. The Reading Service is an affiliate of the Talking Information Center Massachusetts Reading Network which was established on June 19, 1978, and is primarily funded by the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind.

Listeners need a special radio to receive uninterrupted radio reading service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also hear the service over WDJM, 91.3 FM, Framingham State College. The service broadcasts Daily Newspapers such as The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The Metro West Daily News, Natick Bulletin and Framingham Tab, to mention a few local newspapers.

The Service also broadcasts via the network such magazines as Time Magazine, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, Sports Illustrated, Atlantic Monthly, National Geographic to mention a few. In addition, best seller books are broadcast both locally and over the network. The service also provides special informational talk shows on disability issues including issues of independent living, job listings, etc. and supermarket and retail store sales.


Barbara Gray is Leaving the Building

March 29, 2004 (11:29 pm EST)
Filed under: Politics by Deb Cleveland

Former State Rep to Move to California

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Barbara Gray is leaving the building.

Former MA State Rep. Barbara Gray is selling her house and moving to Menlo Park, California.

She is throwing a Farewell Party at her famous barn, headquarters for all kinds of political campaigns over the years.

You can order a signed, limited edition of her memoir about Framingham and Massachusetts politics.