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Caution! Turtles Crossing

June 2, 2011 (9:12 am EST)
by News Staff
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Painted Turtle, Framingham, MA (USA)

This painted turtle may look both ways before crossing the road -- but might not be fast enough to get to the other side before being run over by a car. (Photo from Jmailk, WikiMedia Commons)

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Town of Framingham Conservation Commissioner Nicola Cataldo sent out an email reminding residents that several species of turtles are currently nesting around town.


The turtles which sometimes nest hundreds of yards from the many ponds and slower moving parts of the Sudbury River where they live will frequently attempt to cross roadways.

Residents are advised to be on the lookout for the turtles and avoid running them over.

The most populace species is town is the Eastern Painted Turtle which has a ...[read more]

European Fire Ants

June 10, 2010 (3:41 pm EST)
by Randy Harris
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PHOTO - Myrmica Rubra (European Fire Ant)

Myrmica Rubra (European Fire Ant). Photo courtesy of Gary Alpert at en.wikipedia

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Professor Eldridge Adams studies the "behavioral and population ecology of social insects" at the University of Connecticut. Working with Wen Chen, a Ph.D student, Adams is researching the spread of Myrmica rubra, or the European Fire Ant which is part of the INANE, ("INvasive Ants of New England") project.

Adams contacted Darren Guertin, (Framingham's Conservation Agent), asking that people, especially those involved with nature centers, wildlife sanctuaries, and similar organizations report any sighting of the ants.

The ants are red in color with a darker shade of red to the head.  They primarily live under fallen trees, stones and in the soil.  They build colonies which consists of many nesting sites with up to 100 queens.  Considered an invasive species, the aggressive European Fire Ant eats ...[read more]

Framingham Named a ''Tree City USA''

April 2, 2005 (10:01 pm EST)
by Deb Cleveland
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FRAMINGHAM, MA - The Town of Framingham has been named a "Tree City USA" by the National Arbor Day Foundation (NADF), it was announced this past week. Tree City USA is a national awards program run by the NADF and administered in Massachusetts by the Department of Conservation and Recreation's Urban and Community Forestry Program.

Becoming a Tree City USA requires that a municipality meet standards, set by the NADF and the National Association of State Foresters, which include passage of a tree care ordinance and implementation of a tree or forestry board, as well as an official proclamation or formal observance of Arbor Day.

State Senator Spilka commented, "One of the features that make Framingham such a wonderful residential community is its beautiful foliage. Not only is it environmentally sound, but it adds to Framingham's warm and inviting demeanor. Such a feature can be easily taken for granted by a community, so it is to the great credit of Framingham's residents and municipal government that it has earned Tree City USA status."

Visit The National Arbor Day Foundation website for additional information.