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What's Next for Nobscot Shopping Center?

September 18, 2011 (2:32 pm EST)
Filed under: Business by Randy Harris
Framingham, MA - Nobscot Shopping Center / Countryfare Star Market, vacant property, September 2011

Nobscot Shopping Center's Countryfare Star Market has been vacant for most of the past decade. Mall owner Centercorp Retail Properties, Inc. recently announced plans to refurbish the property and hire a new leasing agent to attempt to revitalize the strip mall. (Photo taken September 3, 2011)

FRAMINGHAM, MA - After we ran an article on September 13, 2011, "Centercorp to make Nobscot anouncement October 1st", Framingham resident Beth Escobar, (who had been in contact with Centercorp Retail Properties, Inc. Property Manager Terri Desjardins), leaked the news that the company now intends to fix up the Nobscot Shopping Center property and hire a new leasing agent in hopes of getting new tenants to lease the now mostly vacant strip mall.

The news was then leaked to the Nobscot Neighbors group, and to the Metrowest Daily News, and since then ideas and suggestions have been swirling around on a Nobscot email list about what types of stores local residents would like to see in the plaza.

After reading several of the ideas -- which consisted mostly of thoughts about what chain or specialty  grocery store may lease the vacant former Countryfare / Star market, (which is the largest retail space on the property), and hopes that CVS would ...[read more]

Nobscot Neighbors -- New Neighborhood Group Forming

January 4, 2009 (1:33 pm EST)
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FRAMINGHAM, MA – Nobscot area residents and supporters have come together to form “Nobscot Neighbors.”

Nobscot Neighbors is a group of concerned Framingham citizens and other interested parties dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Nobscot section of the town. Members are residents, elected officials, property owners, parents, and business owners who believe in taking an active role in their chosen community.

Nobscot has a rich heritage as one of Framingham's distinct villages, one that they feel has the potential to become an even more vibrant, attractive, and welcoming place with the right guidance, promotion and encouragement. Nobscot is located in north Framingham, with its economic center located around the Edgell Road and Water Street intersection.

The goals of Nobscot Neighbors are:

  • Promote Nobscot as an attractive place to live, shop, dine, locate a business, and enjoy recreational areas.
  • Unite residents, businesses, and institutions for discussion and pursuit of common goals.
  • Create a stronger sense of community through meetings, events, promotions, and other communications.

Care to join? Visit their new website at: and sign up for their mailing list and keep up to date with their activities and discussions.

Currently meetings are held at Annie’s Book Stop/Espresso Paulo Coffee Shop in the Nobscot Shopping Center.

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