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Coupon Class for a Cause: How to Shop for Free

Filed under: Schools & Education by Randy Harris at 10:01 pm on April 4, 2011
How to Shop for Free, by Kathy Spencer (book cover)

"How to Shop for Free", book by Kathy Spencer with Samantha Rose.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Kathy Spencer, author of the book "How to Shop for Free" will be presenting her money saving "Coupon Class for a Cause", Thursday, April 14th, 2011 at 7:00pm in the Framingham High School Auditorium.

A portion of proceeds from event to benefit the FHS Class of 2013 and FHS Class of 2014.

Learn how Kathy, a Boxford, MA mother of four feeds a family of six at an average cost of $4.00 per week.  The Coupon Class for a Cause will teach you how to find the best savings and combine them with store promotions, coupons, rewards programs, and store credit to get almost everything on your shopping list for free!

Kathy has appeared on ABC news with Diane Sawyer, Inside Edition and was featured on the front page of the Boston Globe recently.

Aside from the regular Sunday paper coupon clipping, Spencer's book uncovers; "the secrets of store club programs; the keys to avoiding consumer scams; the truth about rebates, buyone/get-one offers, and rain checks; the ins and outs of eBay" and much more.  Learn when to buy, what to buy, and finally -- how to walk through a cash register with hundreds of dollars worth of goods and pay literally pennies.

Don't beleive it? Watch this video of Kathy in action...

Choose General Admission or a VIP Ticket!

  • General Admission ticket are $20.00 and include; admission to the event, a starter pack of coupons and an entry into the raffle contests.
  • VIP Ticket Price are $34.99 and include; general admission to the class,  starter pack of coupons, entry into the raffle contest -plus- an autographed copy of Kathy's book "How to Shop for Free"  and a VIP prize pack!

Tickets are available at, (click on “EVENTS” at top of web page for a list of classes, then scroll down to the Framingham event and click to purchase tickets).

Copies of Kathy's book will also be on sale before and after the event. The cost of the books is $14.99 and a book signing will take place after the class.


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