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New England Wildflower Society Photo Contest

Filed under: Home & Garden by Randy Harris at 5:24 am on July 1, 2011
Wildflowers book by William Cullina, (New England Wildflower Society)

N.E.W.F.S. Photo Contest - Prize for adult winners will include signed copy of the book ''Wildflowers'' by William Cullina

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Do you enjoy taking photos of plants and flowers in their natural habitat?

The New England Wildflower Society, ("NEWFS"), which operates the "Garden in the Woods" on Hemenway Road is sponsoring a photo contest!

The photograph may be from any season, but the photo must have been shot between April 15, 2011 and October 31, 2011, (October 31st is the deadline for submissions).

Prizes will be awarded for photos in several categories including:

  • single plants
  • groups of plants
  • polinators
  • "scenes" - did you capture a breath-taking scene in the Garden? Submit it! (Note: photos may not have any people in them.)
  • artistic merit - photos in this category may be a close up of only a portion of a plant subject, or may have unique lighting, color, texture or other creative aspect to the image.

Winning photos for each category will be selected for each of the two age groups;

  • Youths, (age 17 and under), and;
  • Adults, (18 and older).

Prizes include:

  • New England Wild Flower Society t-shirt, (for youth winners).
  • Signed copy of the book "Wildflowers" by William Cullina, (for adult winners).
  • All winning photos will be published on the New England Wildflower Society website!
  • All winning photos will be considered for inclusion in a gallery show of images at Garden in the Woods in the spring of 2012.

To submit an entry to the contest, attach photo to an email with the subject line "2011 Photo Contest", and in the body of email include:

  • Photo Subject, (name of plant or brief description e.g. "Trillium" or "meadow scene", etc).
  • Category, (single plant, group of plants, polinator, scene, or artistic merit)
  • Date, (date photo was taken, not date it was submitted)
  • Your Name
  • Your Age

Email contest entries to:

Only photos submitted by email will be accepted, (and each entry must include the information listed above).

Photographers may submit multiple photos, (one per email, do not submit the same photo multiple  times).

PHOTO CONTEST - Garden in the Woods, Framingham, MA

Grab your camera and head for the Garden in the Woods! Enter the photo contest to win -- but the real ''prize'' is the garden itself!


Complete rules and contest details are available on the NEWFS website 2011 Photo Contest page.


A Note for Digital Photographers:

Always Keep "Originals" of Your Digital Image Files

Original digital images are much like negatives from film-based photography. It's important to get in the habit of saving the unaltered original images directly from your camera to a backup disk or other storage medium and store them for safe keeping -- before manipulating the image by sizing, scaling, cropping or otherwise altering the original. Each time you work on a (JPG) image and re-save it, you lose some of the original image quality, (due to "JPEG compression"). Also, most digital cameras store "EXIF data", (Exchangeable Image File Format data), within the (.JPG) image files the camera produces. The EXIF data may include original date and time, camera and image specifics such as aperture, exposure, color model and other digital information which can prove ownership or be evidence of when a photo was taken.


For general info about the New England Wild Flower Society, visit Garden In The Woods, 180 Hemenway Road, Framingham, MA 01701, or call (508) 877-7630, or visit their website at:


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