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3 OF A KIND at Framingham Concert

Filed under: Arts / Culture by Randy Harris at 1:00 pm on August 13, 2011
3 OF A KIND band Framingham Concert on the Green, August 12, 2011

3 OF A KIND band featured at Concert on the Green, Framingham, MA, August 12, 2011

FRAMINGHAM, MA- In a summer of Friday nights marked by rain or the threat of it, the weather was perfect for the final "Concert on the Green" for the 2011 season.

Local band "3 OF A KIND", (from Natick), featuring Ron Taddeo (lead guitar), Richie Wood (bass) and Jim McGee (drums) eased their way through sets of mostly classic rock from the 60's, 70's and 80's with a healthy dose of 50's oldies in the mix.

Throughout the night Wood and Taddeo switched off playing lead while McGee, part showman and 100% drummer provided percussive fills that are as much a part of the band's sound as any guitar riff or lyric could be.

The night's show was the last one organized by Jim Egan, Town of Framingham Director of Building Services who retired this month.

Egan conceived the idea for the free summer concert series in 1996 and after a 15 year run has handed over management of the concerts to the Town's Park & Recreation Department.

The band made a special shout-out thanks to Jim, who wasn't at the show -- but since FPAC-TV was taping the entire concert, he'll get his thank you on t.v.!

3 OF A KIND performs Neil Diamond's "CHERRY CHERRY" at Framingham Concert on the Green, August 12, 2011.

In addition to the musical performance, the Concert on the Green series allows community groups and concert sponsors to setup booths and tables on the Village Green, (a.k.a. Framingham Centre Common).

The Framingham Artist Guild tent is a regular attraction at the concerts, and the group featured two member artists during the 3 OF A KIND concert.

Deborah Bottomley, a former Framingham resident who now lives in Milford was painting and displaying her work throughout the night. Bottomley who works as an estimator in a fabrics related business has been a member of the guild for approximately 10 years. Deboarah works primarily in watercolor, but also does murals and trompe l'oeil and faux finishing treatments in oil and acrylics and sometimes works in charcoal.

Also on hand was Merrillee Torres, a Framingham Artist Guild member for 4-5 years, who was displaying her whimsical, colorful acrylic paintings. Torres lives in South Natick and works as a volunteer at the Natick Senior Center and the American Cancer Society.

Photos of both artists and their work are featured below.

(NOTE: Click on any image below to enlarge photos and view all as a slideshow!)

Watercolor by Deborah Bottomley of young girl playing in the surf in the shadow of a watchful parent.

Watercolor by Deborah Bottomley of young girl playing in surf in the shadow of a watchful parent.

Framingham Artist Guild member Deborah Bottomley sells high quality matted giclée prints of her original watercolors.

Bottomley shows one of the high quality matted giclée prints done from her original watercolors.

Watercolor portrait by Deborah Bottomley

Watercolor portrait by Bottomley who also works in charcoal, acrylic and oil paints.

Old barn in watercolor by Deborah Bottomley.

Bottomley is as comfortable painting old buildings as she is doing portraits or faux paint treatments.

Bottomley captures water-lillies and moving water.

Water-lillies and moving water Bottomley first composed as one of her original photographs.

Deborah Bottomley abstracted portrait in watercolor.

Bottomley abstracted a portrait by tracing her hands on the work to add another dimmension.

Another portrait by Deborah Bottomley.

Another portrait by Deborah Bottomley.

The artist at work.

The artist at work.


Natick Artist Merrillee Torres

Natick Artist Merrillee Torres exhibits some of her acrylic painting at Framingham Concert on the Green.

Merrillee torres, floral garden scene, acrylic painting.

A closer view of a floral garden scene on display in the Framingham Artist Guild tent.

Silhouette foreground gives depth to a lakefront scene by Torres.

Silhouette foreground gives depth to a lakefront scene by Torres.

Colorful cubist style imparts the impression of stained glass in another Torres painting.

Colorful cubist style imparts the impression of stained glass in another Torres painting.

Cherry blossoms on a peach background, Merrillee Torres

Cherry blossoms on a peach background give this one of Torres works an Oriental feel.

Framingham Artist Guild Member Merrillee Torres poses with some of her latest works, August 12, 2011

Merrillee poses with some of her latest works which include flora and a Siamese cat.

As the night progressed, 3 OF A KIND rolled out hit after hit!

3 OF A KIND performs Credence Clearwater Revival's "FORTUNATE SON" at Framingham Concert on the Green, August 12, 2011.

Carol Coakly, Lloye Kaye and Susan Massad of Metrowest Peace Action

Carol Coakly, Lloye Kaye and Susan Massad of Metrowest Peace Action

Among the community groups setup on the common MetroWest Peace Action, (, had a table full of information and was holding an informal "Pennie Poll".

Activist Carol Coakly along with Lloyd Kaye, (Framingham Town Meeting Member for Preceint 10), and Susan Massad, (Food and Nutrition Professor at Framingham State Univeristy), were  promoting "The 25% Solution".

The group's mission is to get the U.S. Government to reduce military spending by 25% -- which, at current spending levels  would amount to $175 Billion per year.

The group's literature suggests the funds could be better spent to; build or renovate 20,000 schools, provide health insurance for 40 million people, create 9 million earth friendly "green" jobs, improve veterans services by 350% of what they are today, send 8.5 million kids to college and help secure affordable mortgages for 1.8 million families.

The group has been holding weekly vigils on the Natick Common each Saturday from noon 'til 1:00p.m. and has enlisted support from some State and Federal legislators. The grass roots organization encourages people to promote the cause and take action at the local level -- to prompt the Federal Government to end the war in Afghanistan, reduce the nation's production of nuclear warheads, cut weapons systems and close military bases which are located outside the U.S. --- and set new priorities for Federal spending.

Interactive Penny Poll asks how much would you spend on military

An Interactive Penny Poll. People stopping by the booth are NOT asked to make donations. The group provides pennies and asks citizens to put them into jars representing Military Spending, Foriegn Aid, Veterans Services, Education and Health Care to demonstrate how they would spend federal dollars.

(Additional information can be found at the and websites).

Back to the music!  Playing after dark to a crowd that wanted more, we had to switch our camera to "night vision". So here they, 3 OF A KIND playing one more tune:

3 OF A KIND performs the Beatles "PLEASE, PLEASE ME" at Framingham Concert on the Green, August 12, 2011.

According to "the powers that be", the concerts will continue to be held on the Framingham Centre Common again next year.

Thanks from to everyone who participated in or attended the 2011 concerts!

And one more special thanks to Jim Egan! You created one our favorite things to cover -- and one of the best things Framingham has to going!


The 2011 Framingham "Concerts on the Green" were made possible by the generous donations of ADESA, Bernardi Auto Group, BOSE Employees, Computer Care Associates, Heritage at Framingham, Framingham Police Athletic League ("PAL"), Framingham Cooperative Bank, Metrowest Medical Center, Kathy Foran of Realty Executives Boston-West , VFW Post 929, FPAC-TV and other individual and corporate sponsors.


  1. Thank you for the reporting Randy….good and informative. ….
    Lloyd Kaye

    Comment by lkaye — August 14, 2011 @ 10:46 am

  2. Thanks for the coverage and support. It was a great night for us.
    Ron Taddeo
    Richie Wodd
    Jimi McGee

    Comment by ron taddeo — August 14, 2011 @ 7:23 pm

  3. Glad to do it! You guys sounded great. Big sound for 3 pieces!

    Be sure to post any Framingham gigs on our calendar — I’m sure a lot of people will want to catch you guys when you play in town.


    Comment by News Staff — August 14, 2011 @ 9:45 pm

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