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President Obama's Uncle Released from Jail

Filed under: Politics by News Staff at 6:44 am on September 9, 2011
Onyango Obama, age 67, Framingham, MA (police photo)

Onyango Obama, Framingham, MA (police photo)

FRAMINGHAM, MA - After being arrested on August 24th, 2011 for nearly hitting a police cruiser and subsequently being arrest for driving under the influence, (DUI), and other driving related charges, Onyango Obama, (age 67), of 37 Charles Street, Framingham made national and international news -- not so much for the DUI charges, but because it turned out that he was in-fact an uncle of the President of the United States.

At arraignment, it was discovered that Obama had an outstanding warrant and was being held on a Federal Deportation Order.

The "big story" was not reported locally until we, (, picked up the news from an Australian newspaper and reported it here.

Today, the Boston Globe reported that Onyango Obama, who has evaded deportation and remained illegally in this country after being ordered to leave nearly two decades ago, has been "quietly" released from jail, and that his current whereabouts are unknown.



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