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Saturday at CJ's Northside Grille

Filed under: Around Town by Randy Harris at 9:12 pm on September 4, 2011
Patrons at CJ's Northside Grille take in some of the hot rods that show up most Saturday afternoons for the Class Car Cruise-in.

Patrons at CJ's Northside Grille take in some of the hot rods that show up most Saturday afternoons for the Classic Car Cruise-in.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Bob Bradway probably never imagined that nearly 60 years after he opened the "Nobscot Drive-In" that many of the same types of cars would still be cruisin' to the same parking lot on Saturday afternoons.

Never heard of the Nobscot Drive-In? Don't feel left out, it hasn't been called that for five decades -- most locals remember it as Riley's Roast Beef, or McCarthy's or Leon's or Lobster in the Red -- or most recently as CJ's Northside Grille -- same place, different era.

This weekend, in addition to the Classic Car Cruise-in, the owners of CJ's opened up the parking lot to the Framingham High School Flyers Cheerleaders who ...[read more]

Classic Cars Cruise to CJ's Northside Grill

Filed under: Around Town,Business by News Staff at 2:07 am on June 29, 2011
Classic Car Cruise to CJ's Northside Grille in Framingham

The classic cars that made Riley's in Nobscot a favorite Saturday night cruise destination has re-opened as CJ's Northside Grill.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - For nearly a decade, every Saturday night when the weather was nice, antique autos, high performance hot-rods and vintage vehicles cruised to Framingham to meet with other car enthusiasts at a restaurant in the Nobscot section of town.

The restaurant, formerly operated by Joe Breed as "Riley's Roast Beef" is now CJ's Northside Grille -- brought back to life by Framingham natives Chris Gagen and Jamie Anderson.

Chris and Jamie are both Framingham North High class of 1989 graduates and both worked at Riley's when Joe owned the place

Along with the partners, Chris' brother Sean, some cousins and other family members ...[read more]

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