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GateHouse Newspaper Jobs Go to Texas

Filed under: Uncategorized by News Staff at 5:15 pm on March 26, 2014
MetroWest Daily News Texas Masthead

Local Jobs at Gatehouse Media's MetroWest Daily News and Framingham TAB go to Texas.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - On March 25th, 2014, GateHouse Media, parent company of the Metrowest Daily News, Framingham TAB and over 100 other local Massachusetts newspapers announced it will be locating the company's Center for News & Design in Austin, Texas.

According to a company news article, the Austin, TX facility will handle existing services including centralized copy editing and page design for print and digital versions of the company’s hundreds of publications, and will also support new platforms and initiatives.

The company expects to have approximately 90 employees in Austin by next summer and more than 150 by mid-2015. GateHouse Media owns and operates more than 400 publications across the country.


(Source: Gatehouse Media, Inc.)

Forbes Framingham Geek Data Skewed and Outdated

Filed under: Business by Randy Harris at 7:24 am on August 7, 2011
Pocket Protector (image from

If Framingham is truly the #3 Geek-dom in the USA, there should be a good market for these! Order all you need online at:

FRAMINGHAM, MA - has published an article titled, "Geekville, USA: America's 20 Geekiest Cities", and people all over town are patting themselves on the back for our new claim to fame as the #3 "Geekiest City" (town) in the USA.

Scott O'Connell of the MetroWest Daily News re-reported the findings in an article titled, "Framingham ranked third 'geekiest' U.S. city in Forbes survey".

For his article, O'Connell interviewed three people who he must have thought were "Framingham geek experts" -- Gary Sinewitz, (President, PC Healthstop), Brian Tilzer, (VP of eCommerce & Business Development, Staples Inc.), and Alison Steinfeld, (Director, Economic & Community Development Department, Town of Framingham).

I've known Gary since high school -- he's a geek. (But come on Gary, did you really mention "Prime Computer" and "General Motors" -- they both shuttered their operations in Framingham 20 years ago -- you need to get out more often).

Brian, I don't know -- but his job title makes it sound like he knows some geeky stuff.

Alison, was unsurprisingly surprised at Framingham's new found ...[read more]

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