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NORAD Ready to Track Santa's Arrival in Framingham

Filed under: Arts / Culture by News Staff at 6:02 pm on December 21, 2012
2012 NORAD Santa Tracker

2012 NORAD Santa Tracker

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Months become weeks, weeks become days, and as December 25th approaches, children's questions like; "How long until Christmas?", and "Are you sure Santa knows where our house is?", come with increasing frequency.

Thanks to NORAD, (the North American Aerospace Defense Command), kids of all ages can track Santa's travels on Christmas Eve with radar accuracy -- and spend time on the NORAD Santa Tracker Website playing games and enjoying other activities while ...[read more]

The 2011 NORAD Santa Tracker

Filed under: General Interest by News Staff at 11:40 pm on December 10, 2011
NORAD Track Santa (2011)

Click image to visit NORAD's Track Santa website.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Children's most popular question during the month of December; "How much longer 'til Christmas?" can be answered down to the day, hour, minute and second thanks to NORAD, (The North American Aerospace Defense Command).

For the past couple years the NORAD Santa Tracker website has provided real-time, up to the minute reporting of where Santa is, how many presents he's delivered, and when he may be at your house -- and this year they've added links to see real time video of Santa's delivery route, a virtual "cookie counter", (to see how many snacks St. Nick eats during his ...[read more]

2010 NORAD Santa Tracker

Filed under: General Interest by Randy Harris at 7:34 pm on December 24, 2010
2010 NORAD Santa Tracker

Visit the official 2010 NORAD Santa Tracker.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - It will probably be several hours before Santa makes it to Framingham, or even to the New England coast.

Luckily with the help of NORAD, (The North American Aerospace Defense Command), you can track Santa's progress and see him fly in and out of suburban cities, country towns and rural villages as he makes his way around the world for Christmas 2010.

When we last checked he was in Bignona, Senegal and headed for Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands.

We zoomed in on the map to see how many stops Santa had to make and saw ...[read more]

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