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Mosquito Spraying July 11th & 12th, 2012

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East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project

East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project spraying resumes in Framingham.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - The East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project will be spraying for mosquitoes in areas of Framingham on Wednesday, July 11th between dusk and 11:30 PM. If spraying is postponed, it will be rescheduled for Thursday, July 12th.

Spraying is scheduled for streets in the vicinity of Summer St., Cherry St., Hardy St., Beacon St., Lockland Ave. and Prospect St. Spraying is also planned for areas near Irving St., Hollis St., Winthrop St. , Bethany Rd. and Fay Rd.

The Project uses a spray formulation that contains the pesticide product, Anvil, to control mosquitoes. Anvil contains the pesticide, sumithrin, which is a pryethroid that is classified as slightly toxic by the EPA.

Mosquito control applications of sumithrin do not pose a significant risk to people or their pets due to the low toxicity of sumithrin and the small amount used to control ...[read more]

Framingham Traffic Alerts (July 11th - 15th, 2011)

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Framingham Traffic Sign - Be Prepared to Stop

Signs placed near "A" St. and Concord St. road and sewer construction sites advise drivers that they should be prepared to stop.

FRAMINGHAM, MA- Roadwork on several major capital improvement projects in town will continue this week, (Monday through Friday, July 11 through July 15, 2011).

Major delays due to backed up traffic and detours around some of the work sites can add to driving times, so motorists should plan accordingly.

The Town of Framingham's Department of Public Works / Highway Division / Capital Projects website offers residents and visitors to Framingham helpful information about current and upcoming construction projects.

You can view up to date traffic alerts, maps of project worksites and traffic detours, and sign up to receive email alerts for all or any of the currently listed projects.

The email traffic advisory for the week of July 11th through July 15th, 2011 indicate that: ...[read more]

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