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April 2022

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Sat, Apr 9th
Great Framingham Clean Up 2.0
The Keep Framingham Beautiful Steering Committee is excited to announce our 2nd annual Great Framingham Cleanup to be held from Saturday, April 9th to Friday, April 22nd, 2022. Join hundreds of Framingham’s finest for this CITY-WIDE CLEAN-UP BONANZA! Details and sign-up on the KFB website --

Wed, Apr 20th
World Cannabis Day - Happy 420 !
For decades governments around the world criminalized cannabis use in their "War on Drugs". Lumping marijuana, hash oil, and other cannabis products into the same class LSD, heroin, and other harmful drugs. On April 20th each year for over a decade before pot was legalized in many states, people would gather in public places -- sometimes by the thousands and smoke weed as a civil protest to unjust anti-cannabis laws. The date "April 20th" is said come from five San Rafael California high school students known as "The Waldos" who, in 1971 used "420" as slang meaning to meet (in regards to marijuana) at a wall outside the school at 4:20pm. High Times magazine picked up the story of the Waldos and mention "4:20 smoking" and an April 20th holiday in May of 1991. Whatever the origin, the grass-roots 4/20 gatherings helped pave the way for decriminalization and legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana in many parts of the world.

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