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Scouts Help Save Sudbury River

November 10, 1996 (5:30 pm EST)
Filed under: General Interest by Randy Harris

PHOTO - Framingham Scouts spray paint a stencil design near storm drains warning people not to dump into Sudbury River, 1996

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Warnings are being stenciled above storm drains which empty into the Sudbury River in Framingham in hopes that people will realize that the drains lead directly into the river and that anything including motor-oil and other chemical products will end up in the river, along with the rain water run-off which the drains are intended to carry.

Many people confuse storm drains with sewers, and think that liquids they (illegally) dump in them goes to waste treatment facilities.

Liquid chemical waste should never be poured down household drains, and do even more damage when poured in storm-drains which run directly into ground water, rivers, and reservoirs.

PHOTO - Framingham Scouts Stencil Storm Drains near Sudbury River, Warn People not to Dump Toxic Waste.

Eric Weisman and Thomas Walsh help out with a town project, volunteering to paint warnings at storm-drains on the sidewalks around town. Weisman and Walsh, volunteered for the activity through Scout Troop 21, (Saxonville), which they are both members of.


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