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2010 MA Governor Candidates

July 5, 2010 (2:53 am EST)
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PHOTO - Candidates in the 2010 Mass. Gubernatorial Race

Candidates in the 2010 Mass. Gubernatorial Race

MASSACHUSETTS - On November 2, 2010, the people of Massachusetts will elect their next Governor. Four candidates have made it onto the ballot; Deval Patrick, Charlie Baker, Jill Stein and Tim Cahill.

The table below provides additional information about the candidates and their Lieutenant Governor hopeful running mates. We have also provided political party affiliation, links to campaign websites, as well as each candidate's respective state and national party websites, (for those who are affiliated with a party).

Democratic Party

PHOTO - Deval Patrick, Incumbent Candidate for Massachusetts Governor, 2010Deval Patrick for Governor

PHOTO -  Tim Murray for MA Lieut. Governor 2010

Tim Murray for Lieut. Governor

State Party Website:

National Party Website:

Deval Patrick and Tim Murray are the incumbent Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts (respectively), and are seeking re-election to a second term.

Republican Party

PHOTO - Charlie Baker, GOP Candidate for Massachusetts Governor, 2010Charlie Baker for Governor

PHOTO - Richard Tisei, GOP Candidate for Mass. Lieut. Gov., 2010

Richard R. Tisei for Lieut. Governor

State Party Website:

National Party Website:

Charlie Baker held various positions in the Weld/Cellucci Administration eventually becoming (MA) Secretary of Health and Human Services. After leaving public service, Baker rose to CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care where he increased corporate profits by over $200 million dollars.

Richard R. Tisei served in the Mass. House from 1985-1990, and has served in the Mass. Senate from 1991 to present.

Green-Rainbow Party

PHOTO - Jill Stein, Candidate for Massachusetts Governor 2010Jill Stein for Governor

PHOTO - Richard P. Purcell, Green Party Candidate for MA for Lieut. Governor 2010

Richard P. Purcell for Lieut. Governor

State Party Website:

National Party Website:

Jill Stein is a medical doctor and "green" activist. Although she has been nominated and run for other offices including MA Secretary of State, State Rep., and MA Governor in 2002, her only success has been to win a local Town Meeting seat.

Rick Purcell, is part Hopi Indian, a community activist and a decorated US Army veteran and who served 10 years of active duty and is now a strong supporter of  Veterans for Peace. He is currently employed at Baystate Health System as an ergonomics specialist to prevent and treat repetitive stress injuries.

The Green-Rainbow Party is the Massachusetts affiliate of the Green Party of the U.S.


PHOTO - Tim Cahill, Candidate for Massachusetts Governor 2010Tim Cahill for Governor

PHOTO - Paul Loscocco candidate for MA Lieut. Governor, 2010

Paul Loscocco for Lieut. Governor

*Cahill and Loscocco are running as "Independents", but--

Tim Cahill is currently serving as MA State Treasurer, elected and serving as a Democrat.

Paul Loscocco is currently a MA State Rep for the Eighth Middlesex district, elected and serving as a Republican.

We will update this page as more information becomes available.

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