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Expect Delays at Rt. 126 / Rt. 30 Intersection

July 5, 2011 (5:43 am EST)
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Framingham sewer work at Rt. 30 / Rt. 126 intersection to take longer than expected.

Sewer work near Rt. 30 / Rt. 126 intersection to take longer than expected.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Dennis Paulsen, (Town Meeting Member for Precinct 9, and Vice Chair of the Standing Committee on Public Works), recently spoke with key Town of Framingham personnel and the construction supervisor responsible for the East Framingham Sewer Construction project regarding the work being done near the interestion of Rt. 30 (Cochituate Road), and Rt. 126, (Concord Street).

Paulsen was informed that this week, (July 5th - July 8th, 2011), crews will be cutting diagonally across Concord Street -- from Landseer Ave. to the Framingham Cooperative Bank, and that the work will be done during weekday working hours and that during the construction, Rt. 126 will be restricted to (1) lane each way.

He was also informed that the work will take longer than originally anticipated -- as crews need to go down 17 feet to lay new sewer line, and rock ledge has been discovered at that depth.

Paulsen inquired why the Rt. 30 work couldn't be done during off hours and was told that when the town did overnight work in the same area last year they received numerous complaints from residents about noise.  Since he lives near the work site, he said he could "attest to the fact that the work is loud enough that you can't get to sleep at night", and understood why area residents objected (to the nighttime road work).

Shell Gas Station at Rt. 30 and Rt. 126, Framingham, MA

Expect delays as sewer construction near the Shell Gas Station at the corner of Rt. 30 (Cochituate Rd.), and Rt. 126, (Concord St.), will have a major impact on traffic during daytime hours this week.

Paulsen was further informed that if contaminates are found at the currently fenced-off Shell gas station located at the intersection, that it could lengthen the construction schedule.

Since all of this work will be during the daytime, he advised residents, (and commuters who travel through that intersection), that the work "will definitely have a major impact on traffic".

Paulsen advised residents, that if they have ideas that could help reduce the impact the construction work will have on traffic, that they contact those in charge of Capital Improvements at: (508) 532-6040.

(Thanks to Dennis Paulsen for taking the initiative to find out more about this road work, and for allowing to post the information online).


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