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Summer Stuff To Do (for Bored Kids)

July 6, 2014 (11:59 pm EST)
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FRAMINGHAM, MA - During summer vacation many parents may be hearing the all too familiar "I'm bored" from their school age progeny.

Hey Ma! I'm bored!In these "difficult economic times" things to do that are are free or only cost a few dollars -- and don't require excessive driving can help stretch the family budget between trips to Six Flags, Canobie Lake Park or other New England area day trips.

For activities in the list that require traveling in town -- consider having kids go places on MWRTA routes.  Older kids can walk to a neighborhood bus stop, and go by themselves -- relieving their parents of driving duty -- and helping reduce local daytime traffic.

Things to do in Framingham in the Summer:

  • Make some Sidewalk Chalk and color on the driveway, a concrete deck or the sidewalk with colored chalk.  If you find a big enough area, you can use the chalk to make a bike riding course or make up some type of a game.
  • Make a Kite and fly it at a school, park or playground.
  • Ride the MWRTA somewhere you've never been in Framingham for lunch.
  • Find a couple other bored kids and write a play -- then act it out.
  • Build a go-cart, (the non-motorized soap-box type), from old bicycle, lawn equipment or baby stroller wheels, scrap wood or metal -- recycle some old junk into something fun to build and ride.
  • Find a few friends that play musical instruments and hold a "jam session", (video record yourselves and upload it to YouTube and you could be the next band we link to!)
  • New! Go GeoCaching - a modern high-tech hide n' seek treasure hunting game played with GPS-enabled electronic devices.
  • New! FREE Kids Nature Activities at Cochituate State Park, (July & August, Tuesdays - Saturdays. Park entrance is just over the Framingham / Natick town line on Rt. 30).


There' a month's worth of ideas.  If you have more ideas for stuff to do for bored kids, please share them with others in the comment section below.


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