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Second Pre-Halloween Snow Falls on Framingham

Filed under: General Interest,Politics by News Staff at 10:41 pm on October 29, 2011

[photo] Framingham Snow Plow

Snow plow parked, but ready to clean up after Nor'easter predicted to drop two to six inches of snow on Framingham, (Saturday, October 29, 2011).

FRAMINGHAM, MA- Having snow even once in October is pretty rare for eastern Massachusetts, but for the second time in three days, snow fell on Framingham.

As predicted, precipitation moving up the U.S. eastern seaboard combined with low pressure and declining temperatures resulted in a Nor'Easter dropping approximately 3" of wet snow in town between 5:00pm and 10:00pm today, (Saturday October 29th, 2011).

The small amount of snow which fell on Thursday, (October 27th, 2011), did not accumulate on roadways as the pavement was still warm from the day's moderate temperatures.

Today's snow did accumulate -- enough so that snow removal equipment was called out to plow commercial parking lots and some driveways.

[photo] Front-end loader remving snow in Framingham, MA

With temperatures dropping below the freezing point, contractors rushed to clear parking lots in Framingham, MA after storm drops several inches of heavy, wet snow on Saturday, October 29, 2011.

Also for the second time in three days -- the Framingham Department of Public Works (DPW) sent out equipment to treat the town's roads and prevent ice from forming as overnight temperatures are expected to hover just below freezing.

Following an unseasonably warm fall, many trees in the area still had their leaves, and the heavy wet snow clung to them causing tree limbs to hang low over many Framingham roads.

Two snow storms this early in the season will place an additional burden on the town's snow removal budget which could be particularly troublesome as Framingham's Chief Financial Officer, Mary Ellen Kelly  is asking Town Meeting Members to approve slashing $378k from the DPW's 2011-2012 winter snow and ice removal budget when Special Town Meeting reconvenes Tuesday, November 2nd.

UPDATED: Oct 30, 2011 - Mixed rain and wet snow flurries continued through the night adding 1/2" to 1" more snow throughout Framingham.

Winds also increased during the night causing snow laden trees to topple. In some cases, trees and limbs took out power wires. Traffic signals were out on Old Connecticut Path (near Stop n' Shop) and NStar crews were spotted working at several other locations.

Large tree falls on corner of Belknap Rd. and Edgell Rd. during October 29th snow storm.

Large tree falls on corner of Belknap Rd. and Edgell Rd. during October 29th snow storm.

One large tree at the corner of Belknap St. and Edgell Road fell into the homeowners yard, but sent debris into the street. Other tress and limbs fell on Nixon Road near Hanson Farm, and other Nobscot locations knocking out power in the Northwest corner of town for most of the day.

[photo] downed tree and utility pole from Oct. 29, 2011 snow storm close road.

Tree falls and snaps utility pole. Downed wires completely close Rt. 30 between Pleasant St. in Framingham and Framingham Rd. in Southborough.

A large tree fell and snapped a utility pole on the section of Rt. 30 between Pleasant Street in Framingham and Framingham Road in Southborough.

The road was closed late into the afternoon and vehicles were detoured around the several reservoirs in that area backing up traffic at the Rt. 9 / Central St. (southborough) intersection and causing Sunday travelers to find other routes between Framingham and Southborough. The road remained closed as of 8:00pm Sunday nights.

Power and traffic signals remained out of service into the evening on October 30th, (2011). At 8:00pm, lights at the intersection of Whittier St. and Old Connecticut Path (near BJ's), Old Connecticut Path and Concord St., (near YMCA) and other heavily traveled roads created dangerous situations for motorists.



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