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Beware: Unlicensed Driveway Paving Contractor Operating in Framingham

July 8, 2021 (6:03 pm EST)
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Asphalt heaves and cracks in winter from poor drainage due to poor planning, a bad mix or poor workmanship.

FRAMINGHAM, MA -- The Framingham Department of Public Works (DPW) and Police Department have been notified about several occurrences with a un-licensed company offering “discount” driveway paving work.

The company offers paving services at a discounted rate, claiming the job can be completed that day with hot top mix leftover from another job. Residents who have hired this them say the company offers no contact information or written contract and requests payment in cash or check upon completion of work.

Unfortunately, several Framingham residents have hired this company, which has resulted in substandard work that was not legally permitted and is not in compliance with Framingham's construction standards. The company is not insured, bonded, or licensed with Framingham DPW --- which is required for anyone performing excavation or paving in the public right-of-way.

If you have been solicited for discounted paving, please notify the Framingham Department of Public Works at 508-532-6010.

As a reminder, anyone soliciting in Framingham is required to have a Framingham Licensing Office issued hawkers/peddler license with a Photo ID issued by the Framingham Police Department -- and the license must be visible at all times.

Always perform due diligence when selecting a contractor for any work at your home, including driveway paving! Before starting any project with a contractor, remember to:

  • Check their references and licensure/qualifications
  • Ask for a copy of their insurance
  • Have a contract in place – Massachusetts law requires work above $1,000 must have a written contract with certain provisions:
  • Inquire with the Building Department and/or Public Works Department to learn about permitting and inspection requirements
  • Ask your contractor for a copy of their permit(s) before work commences

Remember, this is your home! You do not need to listen to any sales pitch, and you never have to open your door for someone you do not know or engage with any salesperson.


Source: Framingham Public Works Notice

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