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Call For Candidate Position Papers

January 28, 2011 (2:26 am EST)
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Framingham candidates invited to submit postions, bios, election info.

Help Framingham voters get to know who you are what your postions are.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Candidates for the upcoming 2011 Framingham Annual Town Election are invited to submit position papers including a brief bio and other info related to their candidacy which will be published in a special Election 2011 section of this website.

While many candidates could write a short novel about any single issue they are passionate about, we are asking that "positions" be simply stated, e.g.- "For city form of government", "Against legalized hemp production", "For removing dams and letting Sudbury River clean itself", etc.

Info should be the equivalent of one 8 1/2" x 14, "legal size" typewritten page PLUS one photo and be submitted via email to:

There will be plenty of time and room to go into details as each candidates page will have a comment and reply section where the public may comment or ask questions and the candidates (and others) can reply.

Basic info to include:

  • candidate name, address, any desired contact info
  • office you're running for
  • number of years you've lived in Framingham
  • area of town / neighborhood you live in (and/or precinct number)
  • your position(s) / platform / statement [and/or] bullet list of issues and reasons to vote for you
  • current, past or planned future associations, affiliations, "interests", etc (that voters should know about)
  • if you are a Framingham property owner, business owner, parent of school age kids, etc.
    other / personal interests
  • anything else you can fit on (1)  8 1/2" x 14" page....
  • (1) photo (in addition to above page), .JPG preferred, will attempt to use any image format.

Info can be submitted as plain text in the body of email, or as a word-processing file attached to the email, (MS-Word, OpenOffice, Wordperfect and most other popular formats).

We will publish (1) page for each candidate listed as a verified candidate by the Town Clerk's office.


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